July 21, 2024

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Technical issue causing Steam Deck installations to be banned

Technical issue causing Steam Deck installations to be banned

Valve reports that a technical issue prevented the user from installing Demon Gaze Extra on steam surface† The company knows the cause of the problem and is working on a solution.

On April 26, a user complained that he was unable to download the recently released JRPG Demon Gaze Extra directly to his Steam Deck. As a result, he had to first download the title to the PC and then transfer the files to the Hybrid PC.

Valve has now announced that a technical issue with the Steam Deck feature caused the above situation. Normally, the feature allows developers to only add certain things to the Steam Deck version of the game. This allows the port on the hybrid PC to have different graphics settings. Valve has now tweaked this feature so that studios can’t inadvertently cause the same problem in the future.

In other Steam Deck related news you will find out Valve is still asking for feedback on verified games for Steam Deck

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