December 3, 2023

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The document reveals: There is no family home for the Meilandjes!

The document reveals: There is no family home for the Meilandjes!

The purchase is real, but the instrument contains something very special……

To this day, the Melanges remain silent in every language about what they actually bought. One thing is certain: their new home will be in Noordwigkerhout. And it’s true, because a few days ago a deed was passed that well-known neighbors were able to get their hands on.

High tide

This concerns the delivery of the right to build on Plot 1 and Plot 2, for which a purchase price has been agreed, according to the Land Registry, of €1. However, the family must pay an annual fee of 7,500 euros each.


As much as this The Meilandjes may build according to the following conditions stipulated in the contract:

“The building will be intended to be used as a residential home for private purposes and to be occupied by a maximum of one (1) family, with or without children. An office or practice will be permitted in the home, if within the limits of applicable common law regulations suit. In addition, the supervising owner has the right and obligation to design the non-buildable portion of the lot as an ornamental garden and to maintain such ornamental garden within applicable common law regulations.


By the way, Maxime bought Lot 1 and Martin and Erika bought Lot 2. They both paid €1 plus fees of €7,500 per year for each lot.

Therefore, the family will not be living under the same roof, but will live next to each other, moreover, according to the terms and conditions, it is forbidden to start a bed and breakfast on the property!

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