July 16, 2024

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 looks very similar to the iPhone 15 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S24 looks very similar to the iPhone 15 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the next major smartphone we will see in the battle between Android and iOS. The most comprehensive will of course be the Ultra version, which, if we can believe the rumours, is strongly inspired by Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro.

Samsung and Apple regularly draw inspiration from each other. For example, one function appears first on Android, and the other is more likely to be found on iPhone. This is now also the case with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. This takes away one of the most striking features Apple introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro.

This is a function that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra takes over from the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro has a titanium case, which has its advantages. This makes the smartphone significantly lighter, while not sacrificing strength compared to its predecessor. Samsung has not used this material yet, except according to the Korean media electricalThe Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a titanium frame.

The company is currently collecting titanium for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. In total, it wants to produce 15 million cases, the same number as the Galaxy S23 sold.

Different expectations for the pioneer

However, Samsung certainly isn’t copying everything from the iPhone 15 Pro. The phone has rectangular edges for increased strength. Moreover, the screen becomes flat and has no curved edges.

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S23 Ultra. (Photo: Mark Hoffman/Trade)

There are also a lot of rumors about AI jobs. The Samsung Galaxy S24 will become the brand’s first device with built-in artificial intelligence, similar to ChatGPT.

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Google previously announced something similar, with Google Assistant running on the Pixel 8 Pro with Bard. Which company Samsung wants to collaborate with in the field of artificial intelligence remains a big question mark.

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