September 22, 2023

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The James Webb Space Telescope may remain in use for longer than expected – IT Pro – News

The James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched on December 25, can be used for much longer than previously thought. Much less fuel is needed for course correction than expected en route to its final orbit, leaving the fuel for at least a decade.

The telescope contains much more fuel than expected due to the telescope during launch There was less need to advance on the trajectory, because the rocket helped the telescope on its correct trajectory, while an additional course correction was expected. Also, the telescope used much less fuel while correcting its first and second trajectories at 25 in a December 27, which has been calculated.

NASA team directs telescope on its way to final destination, the second Lagrange point named L2, says that Because additional fuel is available, the telescope will last “much longer” than ten years, longer than its scientific life. It’s a big boost for the team, which has assumed the telescope will last at least five years, but no more than ten.

The telescope uses fuel not only for course correction, but also for necessary functions during the mission, such as save stationmaneuvers, to keep James Webb on course, and to point the telescope in the right direction.

Tweaker recently published four articles about James Webb, in which general wallpapersAnd NIRSpec spectrometerAnd mid infrared instrument in a The importance of data reduction been discussed. There is also something else backstory In particular the magnification of the characteristic factor of the James Webb Telescope from Hubble, that is, the focus on the infrared part of the spectrum.

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