March 29, 2023

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The mouths of British TV viewers open at the wheel of miserable fortune: "Hey, we pay your energy bill for 4 months!"  |  a stranger

The mouths of British TV viewers open at the wheel of miserable fortune: “Hey, we pay your energy bill for 4 months!” | a stranger

Viewers of the popular British TV show “This Morning” choked on their coffee yesterday when it was revealed that they can now earn payments from their energy bills in the show’s “Spin to Win” game. Cash or four months without having to pay your energy bill? Drrrrrrrrr! BBC journalist Scott Bryan wrote on Twitter with a clip from the TV show: “This morning he became totally miserable and a ‘black mirror’ by offering to pay utility bills as a competition prize.”

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield are back in action since yesterday/Monday on This Morning, ITV’s morning show. And so there’s the spin to Win game of the show again, where callers can win prizes from a spinning wheel.

One of the new additions to yesterday’s prize list, in addition to cash, was the prize ‘energy bill’, The TV show pays the winner’s energy bill for four months during the current cost crisis.

“Oh, awesome…”

A clip from yesterday’s broadcast shows Scofield asking a caller if he’s worried about his energy bill. The man replies that it causes him a lot of headaches. “I have one of these prepaid meters and it’s absolutely killer,” says the man. Fortunately for him, the wheel hardly landed on the “energy bills.” “We’re paying your energy bill for four months!” The caller leaves a sigh of relief in my grandfather. He says, “Oh my God, thank you.” “Oh, cool… what a liberation.”

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To grumble, he found many viewers. So is journalist and media critic Scott Bryan, who made the comparison to the dystopian Netflix series Black Mirror. His tweet has already received over 80,000 likes and has been shared over 20,000 times. And he added in a second tweet: “I honestly haven’t seen anything silent in my life.”


How did you get to this point of view? mad.

Another Twitter user agrees, “The TV show ‘This Morning’, which has energy bills as a price on the Wheel of Wealth, is the most miserable and saddest reflection on society right now.” “How did you get to this point of view? Mad.” Another person says, “I think I woke up in a parallel world.” And another: “It’s sad that if you win a Spin to Win today, they’re paying your energy bills now. You used to win a vacation. The current situation is just terrible.” In fact, someone else confirms. “You know the country would be polite if this show was now offering to pay your energy bill as a prize.”

Brian has asked ITV for a response but has yet to receive a response. In a Tuesday morning tweet, he noted that there is still no mention of Spin to Win, nor of yesterday’s match on ‘This Morning’. “At least for now,” he wrote on Twitter. “Although ‘This Morning’ now offers an element about whether a caller should make her son pay rent because the current crisis is making everything more expensive,” he says. Tomorrow there will be one Special About the cost of living, where they will talk about your concerns about bills that keep rising! I wish I was kidding.”