December 4, 2022

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The much-discussed toilet changed Verholst and James Cook's confession: This was the 'smartest person'

The much-discussed toilet changed Verholst and James Cook’s confession: This was the ‘smartest person’

It almost happened, Thursday is the final, but on Wednesday night Lisbeth van Imbe, Delphine Lecombet and Danira Buchris-Trekesidis competed against each other in the semi-finals. You can read below what he did. With a special supporting role for the toilet by Gert Verhulst and a specific problem by James Cook.

Wednesday Night Winner:

Liesbeth Van Impe is the first finalist.


Delphine Lecompte was killed shortly before the end.

Thursday night newcomer:

Player of the Season is back again: Bart Kanerts

Best quotes:

Three women participate. James Cook: “They are three completely different types.” (points to Eric Van Lowe) “And you are the one standing there like this. Now another wall in between, which is blind date. “


James Cook On why he thinks he’ll never need Viagra: “I have it (Erection, editor) Too decent and too bad. I am 38 years old and still am. in a meeting. POET. I’ve already got it here, yeah.”

Jan Jaap van der wal Walking into the audience: “Is there still room here?”

cook: “Another guy has it. Put your hands up?”

Van der Waal: “Or the rooster!”

The most beautiful moment:

No toilet is too busy discussed in it the smartest person Like Verhulst changed. Because this is a Japanese toilet with a water jet. “Relax your asshole,” says Cook. Van der Waal asks the right question: “You get water in your asshole. Then it’s wet, right?” But Cooke also has the right answers: “Stop, there’s a hair dryer coming in.” Incredible van der Waal ears. Certainly not when he hears that the toilet was actually mentioned three years ago. And since then James Cook has had one, too. Van der Waal: “I also want to say: I don’t need one. Leave this thing at home. I have toilet paper!” We hope they noticed.

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1 Bart Canerts (17 episodes)

2 Danira Bakhris Turksides (12 episodes)

3 Jonas Gernert (5 episodes)

4 Lisbeth Van Impey (4 episodes)

5 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)