November 30, 2022

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The New York Times Verifies Video of Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Russian POWs

The New York Times Verifies Video of Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Russian POWs

A video circulating since Monday on Telegram, which is very popular in Russia, shows Ukrainian soldiers apparently shooting several Russian prisoners of war in a Kyiv suburb. that reports New York timeswhich can be verified from video footage of the accident.

GVsourceThe New York Times

The video shows Ukrainian soldiers walking among the bodies of dead Russian soldiers, following an attack on a Russian convoy. “He’s still alive. Look, he’s still alive. He’s gasping for breath,” a Ukrainian soldier said of a Russian soldier. Then a soldier shot the wounded twice. The Russian soldier keeps moving, he’s hit by a third bullet, then stops the movement.

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The video also shows the bodies of at least three other Russian soldiers, each of whom had gunshot wounds to the head. One of them had his hands tied behind his back. Some Russians seem to have taken off their coats, shoes or helmets. “These are not even people,” continues a Ukrainian soldier in the video.

The footage was filmed on or around March 30th on a road west of the village of Dmitrievka (just west of Kyiv) after a Ukrainian ambush by a retreating Russian column. Freelance journalist Oz Katerji posted the photos on Twitter on April 2.

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Ukrainian soldiers can be identified by the flag symbols on their uniforms, they say over and over again “Slava UkraineGlory to Ukraine. It is not clear which unit they are part of, but in the video, a man refers to them as the “Belgravia Boys”. Belgravia neighborhood hundreds of meters from the scene of the accident. A Ukrainian news agency referred to them as the “Georgian Legion,” a paramilitary unit made up of Georgian volunteers formed in 2014, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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