December 1, 2023

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These may be the most expensive briefs ever.  It is exposed to intense fire  Nina

These may be the most expensive briefs ever. It is exposed to intense fire Nina

“The Crown” actress Emma Corrin debuted the shiny, embroidered leggings on the Miu Miu runway during the previous Paris Fashion Week. But the general public is shocked. And not just because of the ridiculously high price. “On what occasion do you do this in a restaurant?”

From New York to Paris, on the catwalks of countless fashion houses and among the biggest celebrities: the “no pants” look is the latest craze. In short, pants in 2023 will be completely obsolete. This is what luxury fashion brand Miu Miu, whose sequined thongs are now turning heads, also believes. Although not for the right reasons.

The most expensive underwear ever?

Italian Miu Miu, the younger and more fun sister of the Prada brand, has experienced a renaissance in recent years thanks to the youth of Generation Z. Thanks to its bold designs, the brand has won the hearts of many fashion lovers.

But what is the masterpiece of their fall and winter collection for this fall? A pair of shiny underwear costs about $5,600, or 3,900 euros. Much more than the average monthly wage, and probably also the most expensive underwear ever designed. And that’s not all.

Emma Corrin on the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023-2024 show in Paris. © Getty Images

The sequined silk and wool briefs come in garnet pink, fern green and sandy beige. The bottoms first saw the light of day at Miu Miu’s fashion show during Paris Fashion Weeks earlier this year. Actress Emma Corrin wore the sandy beige version with sheer black tights and a high neckline. The pants are now on sale to the general public.

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Memoirs are popular with big stars. Reality TV star Kendall Jenner and actress Margaret Qualley, daughter of actress Andie MacDowell, wore pants when they recently appeared on the cover of the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

“If it doesn’t itch, it’s not high fashion.”

It’s certainly bold, especially considering the price. But is it also practical for everyday fashionistas? No matter how “modern” lingerie is, people on the Internet are not kind to clothes.

Because such sequin panties can’t help but be itchy and uncomfortable, right? And who wants to pay 3,900 euros for that? The Instagram page @diet_prada asks these questions to its followers. The account, which has 3.4 million followers, is known to criticize the fashion industry and celebrities.

I feel sorry for the model who had to wear this

Someone in Instagram comments

Countless people gave their candid opinions about Miu Miu’s underwear in the comments below the post. “Tell me that designers are men, without saying that they are men,” they say. “Has anyone requested a vaginal yeast infection for this fall?” replies another. “Hello, most expensive fungal infection ever,” one adds.

“This is clearly designed for people with diabetes Gap between thighs (If your thighs are too thin to touch each other, editor.)“, you can still read. “On what occasions should you wear these panties? Red carpet, on the beach, or in a restaurant?

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Another said: “I feel sorry for the model who had to wear this.” They say: “If it doesn’t itch, it’s not high fashion.” “The fact that there’s a zipper too makes it worse,” one person wrote. “You’re paying €3,900 and the waist can’t be stretchy in the least? So not only will the sequins open up your thighs, but there will also be a zipper at your back.

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