July 22, 2024

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These three popular electric cars no longer receive Flemish support

These three popular electric cars no longer receive Flemish support

In recent weeks, several important models have disappeared from the list of electric cars that can receive the Flemish €5,000 insurance premium.

When the Flemish government launched a €5,000 bonus in early 2024 for electric cars costing less than €40,000, many car brands were quick to lower their prices.

Three of Belgium's five best-selling electric cars have also had their prices reduced and suddenly became eligible for the insurance premium. These three standouts have now lost their promotional prize worth less than €40,000:

Tesla Model Y

Starting with the Tesla Model Y, the best-selling electric car in Belgium. Tesla launched the pre-configured Y devices in January at a price of €39,990, but that promotion is no longer available. Meanwhile, there has been a price increase of €2,000 on custom-configured Ys, so you're now paying at least €45,970 for the Y.

Tesla is now offering a €39,990 promotion on the pre-configured Model 3.

Volkswagen ID.4

The Volkswagen ID.4, the third best-selling electric car in Belgium, has a standard starting price of €44,990. In January 2024, Volkswagen launched a limited edition of approximately 200 ID.4 cars priced at €39,639 and were therefore eligible for the Flemish premium.

These are all now sold out. Volkswagen Belgium is currently considering whether it can launch such a promotion again, but it cannot provide any certainty on this matter.

Skoda Elegant

The Skoda Eniac, the fifth best-selling electric car in Belgium, received the “GO” version with a net 58 kWh battery in January at a promotional price of 39,990 euros.

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This model is also no longer available. The cheapest Enyaq currently is the '85' with a 77 kWh battery (net) at €49,800. Skoda is currently running a promotion for business customers who can drive the 'Corporate 85 Edition' from €475 per month, but are therefore not eligible for the EV premium.

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