October 4, 2023

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This is what every American must pay to pay off America’s national debt

This is what every American must pay to pay off America’s national debt

The US national debt is at a record $32.7 trillion. If we write that down in numbers, you arrive at a staggering number of $32,700,000,000,000. How much will each American pay to pay off this debt?

National debt or government debt, in short, is the total debt of a government. You can also call the amount of outstanding loans from the government. America is experiencing firsthand that borrowing costs money, even if a wise leader thinks this 1 trillion dollar currency can save things. Either way: the individual, polarized nation is the absolute world leader in terms of public debt.

America’s national debt per American

At the time of writing, the national debt of the United States, which you can monitor in real time US Debt Clock, nearly $32.7 trillion. This is 119% of GDP.

Debt can be seen from that perspective $97,531 per person There is If all 335,136,000 Americans paid this amount to their least favorite government, the government debt would be eliminated. In comparison: each Dutch person would have to pay $27,792 to pay off the Dutch national debt collectively.

Countries with the largest government debt in percentage terms

Government debt is usually expressed as a percentage relative to GDP. For example, the Netherlands has a national debt equal to 59 percent of GDP. Surprisingly, Japan has the world’s largest public debt in percentage terms, at 298 percent of GDP.

The US, which recently raised the maximum government debt ceiling, remains outside the global top 10 at 119 percent of GDP at the time of writing. The Netherlands is also outside the top 100. Compared to countries with higher debt in percentage terms, we are still doing well. Look at that Overview of key countries.

Also read how much every citizen of the world will have to pay to settle the global national debt.

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