December 7, 2023

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This is what One UI 4 looks like, Samsung version for Android 12

This is what One UI 4 looks like, Samsung version for Android 12

Samsung showed what Android 12 will look like on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The manufacturer is putting its new Samsung One UI 4 skin on Android 12 and it seems to be making several changes.

Read on after the announcement.

Samsung showcases One UI 4

Google has Android 12 It was recently launched officially and manufacturers are busy customizing the new version to their liking. Samsung does the same and calls its software wrapper around Android 12: One UI 4. Samsung smartphones eligible for the Android 12 update will receive One UI 4.0 at the same time.

The cover is reminiscent of the current One UI 3 (based on Android 11) but it also makes many changes. Much of the changes have been inspired by Google’s innovations in Android 12. For example, Samsung is adopting Google’s Material You pattern to allow apps to color your favorite color pattern.

In addition, One UI 4 gives you more control over the appearance of widgets and app folders, and Samsung apps like the weather app have been given a new look.

Curious to know about all the innovations of One UI 4? Samsung has posted a series of videos on YouTube explaining its new software. You can watch the main video above.

Samsung completes Android 12 update

Samsung is currently testing Android 12 update including One UI 4 on Galaxy S21-Series. A . users Galaxy Z Flip 3 employment Galaxy Z Fold 3 He will soon be able to test the software. The final update will appear first for the S21 series, possibly in November or early December. Other Samsung devices will follow later.

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Not all Samsung smartphones and tablets can count on the Android 12 update. Curious to know if your device qualifies? Check out our comprehensive site Android 12 update overview. Curious about all the features of the latest Google software? in our area Android 12 مراجعة review Read our experiences, which we also discuss in the video below.

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