October 2, 2023

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This pure electric car is now the world’s best-selling car |  car

This pure electric car is now the world’s best-selling car | car

For the first time in automotive history, a pure electric vehicle is the best-selling vehicle in the world. The Tesla Model Y was sold 267,000 times in the first quarter of this year. Toyota dominates the rest of the top five.

Elon Musk makes a lot of promises and breaks quite a few, but now it looks like he’s going to do as he said he would. In fact, the Tesla CEO has claimed that the Model Y will be the world’s best-selling car by 2023, and according to the latest industry data, he’s well on his way.

According to numbers from Jato dynamics The Model Y sold 267,000 units in the first quarter. This means an increase of no less than 69 percent compared to the same period last year. Toyota Corolla, which finished second, sold “only” 256,400 units in the first quarter.

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Tesla remains number one.

While the first quarter doesn’t guarantee the future, experts believe the Model Y will maintain its leadership, especially since Musk has made it clear that he prioritizes volume over profit. Plus, recent steep price cuts make the Model Y more attractive than ever.

Additionally, Tesla sales continue to rise, while Corolla sales decline as buyers move away from traditional combustion vehicles in favor of SUVs and electric cars. A combination of the two — such as the Tesla Model Y — is doing very well in a number of markets right now.

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Toyota: Four cars in the top five

In Europe, the Corolla didn’t make the top 10, but the Model Y was now the best-selling car here, too. Last year, the Tesla Model Y was still in third place with 747,700 units. Second was the Toyota Corolla which sold 992,000 units, itself narrowly beaten by the very own Toyota RAV4, which rolled off the showroom more than a million times.

The Japanese brand is doing much better than Tesla as a whole. Because Toyota also dominates the top five best-selling cars. The second place was followed by the Corolla Hilux pickup with 214,700 units sold, the RAV4 with 211,000 units sold and the Camry with 166,200 units sold.

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