July 24, 2024

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Two new floating data centers for the US and France

Two new floating data centers for the US and France

Nautilus is building two new floating data centers, one of which is coming to Europe. Things should have a smaller environmental impact than traditional data centers.

Nautilus Data Technologies will build two new floating data centers. That is what the company specializes in. One data center will be near Los Angeles in the US, while the other is for Europe and will be anchored near Marseille. Floating data centers are a relatively new concept with many advantages, one of which is a small environmental impact.

Water cooling

After all, Nautilus’ floating data centers use water cooling. Inside, the data center uses a closed system built around liquid cooling, the heat of which is exchanged with filtered sea or river water via a heat exchanger. Nautilus says that the water returns to the source with less heat.

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Underwater data centers are a reality by the end of this year

Cooling is typically a very energy-intensive and often water-intensive process that is partly responsible for the large footprint of data centers. By building a platform in the water, that impact is lessened.

Fiber optic node

Also, floating data centers offer flexibility in terms of location. Both the US and the installation in Marseille will be close to major fiber optic hubs. This ensures that they can be reached with minimum delay from all over the world.

Marseille is the second largest market for data center services in France. Herve Martel, CEO of the Port of Marseille, agrees Registration Department The city is looking for a new data center, but it has received excellent marks in terms of sustainability. In principle, data centers should be operational within a year.

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