May 20, 2022

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US military plane crashes during NATO training in Norway: 4 killed

US military plane crashes during NATO training in Norway: 4 killed

American Aspray plane crashes in Norway © AFP

A U.S. military plane has crashed in Norway with four crew members involved in a large-scale NATO exercise. Four residents, all of them U.S. citizens, were killed, according to police sources, Norwegian broadcaster NRK confirmed.


The plane went missing at 5:26 pm south of Bodo in northern Norway. At that time, the region had to deal with bad weather. At 9.17pm the plane landed from the sky near the Crotadalan in Bourne.

According to the NRK, rescue of victims due to bad weather is not possible today / Saturday. There is a risk of avalanches due to strong winds in the area. The plane also crashed into inaccessible terrain.


The U.S. military confirmed Friday night that there was an “incident” involving a Navy Osprey plane. “The cause of the incident is being investigated,” spokesman Jim Stenger said. “We will provide more details as soon as they are available.”

Cold response task

The U.S. aircraft took part in the NATO ‘Gold Response’ mission, which involved a total of 200 aircraft and about 50 naval vessels. The “Gold Response 2022” exercise aims to test Norway’s ability to gain support from allies in the event of external aggression in accordance with Article 5 of the Coalition’s Charter. Should come to the rescue. It also allows Allied forces to train for the Cold War.

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