December 6, 2022

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Van Gent tastes burgers with Mathieu Terryn & Bockie De Repper: 7 Food Events You Don't Want to Miss Over the Long Weekend |  food

Van Gent tastes burgers with Mathieu Terryn & Bockie De Repper: 7 Food Events You Don’t Want to Miss Over the Long Weekend | food

No plans yet for the extended Ascension Day or Pentecost weekend? So, you might want to write these 7 foodie events as true foodie on your agenda. From food trucks filled with dumplings and tacos to burger fests and a five-course dinner from the chef of your choice: here you’ll discover where and when to go for all that deliciousness.

1. Taste of Antwerp

Sample the creations of Casello’s restaurant chefs in an earlier edition of Antwerp. © Tessa Crane

For the Ascension Weekend from Thursday, May 26 to Sunday, May 29, Antwerp Waagnatie forms the backdrop for the 14th edition of Antwerp Proeft. All 37 restaurants serve a small plate or two for 6 or 7.5 euros. Known names this year include Dagný Rós Ásmundsdóttir, Sepideh Sedaghatnia by Divin by Sepi, Fiskebar, Zaowang, Yam Thai by Jeroen Van Dyck, Zagreb by Vincent Banić, Black Smoke and Bistro Monroe by Kasper Stuart. Roger Van Damme is also present for dessert with a stand from Désirée.

A daily ticket in advance costs €9.5, while a daily ticket at the door costs €12. You can order tickets at website

when and where?

• May 26, 27, 28 and 29 in Antwerpse Waagnatie.

2. Ghent tastes

Gent Smaak takes place during Ascent Weekend from May 26-29.

Gent Smaak takes place during Ascent Weekend from May 26-29. © Wannes Nimmegeers

You can also enjoy four-day culinary delights at Ghent during the long boarding weekend from Thursday, May 26 to Sunday, May 29. The festival will be larger than in previous years and will be held under and around City Hall, but also in other places such as Korenmarkt, Klein Turkey, Goudenleeuwplein and Poeljemarkt. A total of twenty Ghent chefs serve the best of themselves and you can find 64 exhibitors and 320 dishes. There is no shortage of choice.

More information about exhibitors can be found at website† Festival Entrance Free.

when and where?

• 26, 27, 28 and 29 May in Ghent.

3. Food Truck Festival SMA (A) K

The SMA(A)K Food Truck Festival will take place across Flanders from May to the end of August. Oudsbergen, Genk, Uccle, Grimbergen, Lommel, Halle, Hasselt, Sint-Truiden and Kortenberg have been confirmed for next season. In Oudsbergen you can already enjoy the weekend from 26 to 29 May. In addition to delicious street food from food carts from around the world, you will discover music, comfortable seating areas, atmospheric decor, theater and entertainment for young and old.

More information can be found hereFood Truck Festival Entrance Free

when and where?

• May 26, 27, 28, 29 in Oudsbergen you can find the complete calendar here

4. Dotting

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 June, you can enjoy the street food festival DRIP at MAS in Antwerp, organized by Bazart singers Mathieu Terryn and Bockie De Repper. Visitors can enjoy international chains that come to Antwerp for one time to serve unique burgers. With this hamburger, you drink delicious cocktails, handcrafted beer and natural wine selected by Druvendoos as you dance to the music.

Tickets and information can be found hereEntrance ticket costs 25 euro for one person.

when and where?

• 3, 4 and 5 June at MAS on the island of Antwerp.

5. Fourchet

Photo from an earlier edition of Fourchette.

Photo from an earlier edition of Fourchette. © Wannes Nimmegeers

Fourchet’s culinary feast brings together the best talented chefs who give you a unique experience in a secret location in Saint Denj Weststream† During the three days that the event lasts, several top chefs create a five-course menu. When you buy your ticket, you can choose the chef who can cook for you. This year you can choose from chefs Vrijmoed, Castor, Publiek, Oak, Carcasse, Rebelle, l’épicerie du Cirque, ‘t Vijfde Season and Bar Bask. Top pastry chefs Pierre Marcolini and Just Ariges are available to serve desserts.

You can buy tickets through website from Fourchette and score for 105 EUR for one person.

when and where?

• June 3, 4 and 5 in Sint-Denijs-Westrem near Ghent

6. HAP – Food Truck Festival

The Food Truck Festival – HAP will take place again this year at locations across the country. From Vilvoorde to Genk, Mechelen and even Middelkerke: foodies from all over Belgium get the chance to eat around 25 food trucks, accompanied by live music and marginal entertainment for young and old.

here You will find all the information, the entrance to the festival Free

when and where?

• May 26, 27, 28 and 29 in Vilford, here You will find an overview of all the locations and dates of the Food Truck Festival.

7. Barrio Cantina

This year, Polé Polé Gent is organizing Barrio Cantina in Bruges and Ostend, a cozy market where you can order a range of international dishes. Think: Mexican burritos, Vietnamese spring rolls, American burgers, Thai dumplings and Polé Polé Mojitos. All these goodies are served with a dash of music in the background.

You will find all the information hereFestival entrance Free

when and where?

• 10, 11 and 12 June in Ostend
• 17, 18 and 19 June in Bruges

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