September 22, 2023

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Vasily Ostoroi regrets the bronze medal at the European Games: “I didn’t feel that I was late” |  European games

Vasily Ostoroi regrets the bronze medal at the European Games: “I didn’t feel that I was late” | European games

Mixed success for Belgian boxers Friday at the European Games. Oshin Derieuw qualified for the women’s final, Vasile Usturoi lost his semi-final match and has to settle for the bronze. In badminton, Julian Karaghi and Lian Tan each lost quarter-finals.

The Belgians on 6/30
Badminton Julian Caraghi Quarterfinals (m) 2-0 defeat
Lian Tan quarter-finals (v) 2-1 defeat
boxing Vasily Ostroy semi-final (m) Loss on points: 5-0, bronze
Ocean Dirio semi-final (v) Winning points: 5-0
screens Belgium Team competition épée (m) 15
  1. 21 hours 26. The injured Victor Celstreight is present as a fan. Watch his reaction:.

    Injured Victor Schelstright is present as a fan, watch his reaction:

  2. 9:15 PM Ostrowi: “I didn’t feel like I was late.”

    Ostrowi: “I didn’t feel like I was late”

  3. 8 p.m. 19. Infinite Astroy. Vasily Ostrowi was unable to qualify for the final of the boxing tournament in the up to 57 kilogram weight category at the European Games in Poland on Friday. So he has to be content with the bronze medal. Osturoi lost in the semifinals at the Novi Targ Arena to Spain’s José Quelz Brutons 5-0 on points. All five judges gave the Spaniard the advantage with 30-27 each time. The 26-year-old Osturoy qualified for next year’s Olympic Games in Paris, France, on Wednesday thanks to his technical knockout victory in the quarter-finals against Dane Fredrik Jensen. .
  4. 3 p.m. 19. Belgium Men’s Fencing Team XV. The Belgian men’s épée fencing team finished 15th during the European Games. The Belgians opened with a 45-43 victory over Portugal. In the round of 16, Belgium lost 45-16 against Italy. Germany (45-33) and Sweden (45-38) turned out to be very strong in the ranking matches for the 9th to 16th places, and Austria lost 45-33. As a result, Belgium finished in 15th place. The competition for the points standings counts until Paris 2024. In the individual tournament earlier this week, Belgium’s Nicer Loyola did not make it past the 16th final. .
  5. 15:10 Lian Tan is stranded in the quarter-finals of the badminton tournament. Lianne Tan (BWF 45) was unable to qualify for the semi-finals of the Badminton Championships at the European Games. She lost to Ginera Stadelmann (BWF 77) from Switzerland 2-1: 21-12, 7-21, 21-19 after 56 minutes. Tan and Karaji, who already lost in the quarter-finals earlier today, have points with a view to participating in next year’s games in Paris in this tournament, which is also the European Championship. .
  6. 2 p.m., 21. Ocean Diriyo will fight for gold on Saturday. Boxing star Ocean Diriyo (-66kg) got her ticket to the final. She defeated Hungarian Ana Luca Hamory on points in the semi-final: 5-0. “I just keep winning, that’s right. I’m in good shape,” she laughs after her camp. “I’m very satisfied. I had no pressure at all today, because the big booty is there. I told myself I was going to do some sparring. I sparred in a controlled way, worked a lot with my punch (right quickie). I’m in great shape and the results are proof of it. It’s great.” West Flemish boxing on Saturday night (6.30pm) won gold against Turkey’s Businaz & nbsp; Surminelli. .
  7. 12 hours 42. Karaji falls in the quarter-finals. Badminton player Julien Carraghi & nbsp; (BWF-71) failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the singles tournament on Friday. The Belgian lost in the quarterfinals 2-0 (21-16, 21-15) to the Frenchman Thomas Junior Popov (BWF-28). .
  8. 12:41 am – I don’t think I have anything to regret. I can’t help but be happy and proud. The day was a little heavier. It was already the fifth consecutive competition day. I’m still in the learning process, and I still need to gain experience. But I take it step by step. Julian Caraghi.
  9. 6/30/2023.
  10. 10:38 PM The Belgians are looking for last place in boxing. opportunities. They are there for the Belgians in boxing. Vasile Usturoi and Oshin Derieuw are looking for a place in the finals at the European Games. With Hungarian Ana Luca Hamori, Oshin Derieuw faces an opponent who is fourteen years younger than him and already has the necessary experience, including two World Cups. It is slightly longer than Derieuw and has a great stretch. Something the West Flemish would have to come up with a plan for. Vasily Osturoy’s opponent is the experienced Spaniard Jose Quelz Brutons. Who has already won the silver and bronze medals at the European Championships. He dropped down to featherweight (-57 kg), because lightweight (-60 kg) was no longer included in the Olympic programme. He completed a difficult course in Poland, so Usturoi has some advantages in terms of freshness. .
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