September 21, 2023

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Victory Day for the Red Panthers: “The European Championship final was an aspiration, so now they have to show it” |  EK Hockey

Victory Day for the Red Panthers: “The European Championship final was an aspiration, so now they have to show it” | EK Hockey

The Belgian hockey women successfully swam through the group stage of the European Championship, but the championship is already beginning for the Red Panthers from the semi-finals. “I expect a very exciting game against Germany tonight,” says Eddie Demarez. “But with a talented day, Charlotte Engelbert can win even on her own.”

The Red Panthers did well in the group stage. Especially since the smooth victory over Spain (5-0) was a statement.

In recent years the rivalry has been so close against Spanish women that the dime usually falls to the Spanish side.

But now the Belgians are even better. Much better. This is a satisfactory result, not only for this European Championship, but also for the Olympic Games.

The Panthers lost to the Netherlands 0-2. They did indeed play better against the Orange team, but showed once again that the Dutch can no longer beat Belgium so easily.

This is a huge improvement for the Panthers. If Holland is not ahead and the Belgians are, they can beat Holland. It was unimaginable.

Excellencies Engelbert and Vanden Bury

Among the Belgian stars, we must mention Charlotte Engelbert in particular. She is world class and she showed it in this tournament.

Not only have you scored 4 times, but every time you touch the ball something happens: acceleration, movement, goal,…

Englebert is still in his early twenties and now goes to Den Bosch, the best women’s club in the world. You will get better there.

We also have to mention Stephanie Vanden Bure. Defensively, she leads this tournament. In the past, I’d dare drop a stitch due to losing focus in lesser matches, but now that doesn’t happen. And she also has a very good corner kick.

With a gifted day, Charlotte Engelbert can single-handedly decide the semi-final match against Germany.

Eddie DeMarez

Belgium has the potential to beat Germany

In the semi-finals, the Belgian women will play Germany, who are moving up one place in the world rankings and occupying fourth place.

In the Pro League, the Leopards have drawn twice against Germany, winning each on penalties once.

Those matches in the Pro League are not a reference. They are not the same teams as they are now, the big teams use this competition to experiment.

The Panthers now have to show they can beat Germany in Germany. I think they have the qualities for that. If Engelbert has a talent day, she can decide the match herself.

Germany shone, including beating England 5-0. So they seem to be in shape. It should be a very exciting match.

The Panthers’ ambition was to reach the final in this European tournament. If they are to achieve this ambition, they must bypass the Germans.

Eddie DeMarez

Save the Panthers in hockey ic

semi final
Holland England Thursday 5 p.m
Germany Belgium Thursday 8 p.m

Matches in Group A
Belgium Italy 6-0
Holland Spain 5-1
Belgium Holland 0-2
Spain Italy 2-0
Holland Italy 5-0
Spain Belgium 0-5

position in group a
M w g Fifth +/- points
1. Holland 3 3 0 0 +11 9
2. Belgium 3 2 0 1 +9 6
3. Spain 3 1 0 2 -7 3
4. Italy 3 0 0 3 -13 0
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