September 26, 2023

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Where... does Peppe eat?  “I like tasty and fast food” (food and drinks)

Where… does Peppe eat? “I like tasty and fast food” (food and drinks)

A brand new program with Chef Peppe will start at the end of November on Njamtv. © RR

Not only do you know Peppe Giacomazza from La Botte and Peppe’s in Genk, the sympathetic chef also makes a good play on TV. By the way, a brand new program with Chef Peppe will start at the end of November on Njamtv. Of course he also likes to eat good food himself. At these addresses he enjoys a quick meal in Limburg.

Isabelle Egnol

1. Lindenhof Brasserie in Zutendaal

“In the afternoons I like to eat here with my wife. Fresh meat, homemade sauces, delicious purees… Tradition is given an extra tasty twist here. It’s also an easily accessible business: from good food to something great to drink after a ride Bike, it’s all possible at Lindenhof.”

Veugenstraat 48 in Zutendaal. Open: Tue-Wed 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-midnight and Sun 9am-midnight. Information:

© Lindenhoff

2. Rocco Cagliostro Pizza in Genk

“By right pick the best pizza in Limburg.” Here I would like to order a Calabrese pizza and then visit my aunt who lives next door.”

Education Street 74/5 in Genk. Open: Wed-Thurs-Sun 5-9pm, Fri-Sat 5-10pm. Information: Rocco-Pizza-Cagliostro-Business-site

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© Boumedienne Belbachir

3. The thrill is in your gin

“I love coming to this Chef Rick Vandersanden. He always uses fresh, high-quality produce and the price-to-quality ratio is the highest. At The Thrill, the motto is: anything is possible, nothing has to be done.”

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Jaarbeurslaan 4 in Genk. Open: Wed-Sat 12-3pm and 6-10pm. Information:

© The Thrill

4. Truckstop brasserie in Genk

“I’m often on the road and when I come from the recordings, it’s nice to be able to go here with an appetite. The owner Kosha and his mom prepare the most delicious fast food: from fresh soup to croquette.

Eikelaarstraat 15 in Genk. Open: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm. Information:

© Brasserie Trackstop

5. The lantern in Mopertingen

“Sunday evenings I sometimes sit in Mupertingen (Bilzen, editor’s note) at the bar with a nice pint. By the way, they make really good burgers. There’s recently a winter chalet. Cozy!”

Maastrichterstraat 345 in Pilsen. Open: Wed-Thurs 3pm-midnight, Fri-Sat 3pm-1am and Sun 10am-11pm. Information:

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