December 7, 2023

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Young pilot falls out of plane during emergency landing and dies

Young pilot falls out of plane during emergency landing and dies

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Local authorities reported in the US media that a 23-year-old pilot fell more than a kilometer while trying to make an emergency landing with his small plane.

source: telegraph

The victim’s name is Charles Hugh Crooks. Together with the co-pilot, the young man was flying over the US state of North Carolina on Friday when they suddenly lost the right wheel of the landing gear.

The couple decided to make an emergency landing and reported it to air traffic control. Several attempts were made to land, but this was not evident due to the lack of the right wheel.

When the plane finally landed, emergency services only found one pilot. He was wounded in the cockpit. The other pilot was missing. Later it was revealed that Crooks had fallen off the plane. His body was found lifeless in a residential area of ​​Fuquay Farina. Authorities said he was not wearing an umbrella. It is not known whether he died in the fall or was actually on the plane.

The other pilot has been taken care of and is doing well under these conditions. Police are investigating how the fatal fall happened.

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