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Your car also suffers from heat: this is how you prevent engine overheating |  Travel by car

Your car also suffers from heat: this is how you prevent engine overheating | Travel by car

independentNot only you, but also your engine is having a hard time in this warm weather. Especially if you, for example, risk several hours in a traffic jam while going to the sea. Breakdown services should regularly respond to vehicle overheating. But how do you notice that your car’s engine is suffering? What should you do if it happens to you? Will your insurance cover the damage? Independent.b knows what to do.

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enough coolant?

The risk of engine overheating increases not only during traffic jams. The risk also increases in hot weather.

First: Prevention is better than cure. So make sure that the coolant level in your car always remains at the correct level. So the message is to check regularly. After all, this fluid is an essential part of your engine and prevents your car from overheating. It consists of ethylene glycol, which reduces the freezing point of water and increases its boiling point. This means that the water in the radiator will boil and evaporate less quickly.

Not enough coolant in your car? Fill in – with a great engine! -Somewhere between minimum and maximum. Never fill the tank completely, as coolant expands due to heat while driving.

In four easy steps: Read here how to fill the coolant yourself.

What should you do if the engine overheats?

You can recognize such an engine by the warning light that comes on. Or the temperature indicator that is permanently in the red zone. In the worst cases, smoke can seep from under the hood or through the front grille.

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At least as important: How do you maintain your battery? What is the effect of heat on it?

The temperature indicator indicates the coolant temperature. © Dreamtime

The first thing you should do is try to lower the temperature. This can be done by raising the interior heating level to maximum. This causes the water level in the cooling system to rise, lowering the engine temperature. You can also set the fan to maximum, so that the heat is removed through the air vents.

If all this does not work and the temperature does not drop, you must stop immediately. Let your car cool down on the side of the road. Only then try opening the lid so the rest of the heat can escape. Please note: vapor can escape from the cooler which may cause burns.

If the problem persists after all this, you will have to contact the breakdown service.

Engine oil, another fluid essential for the proper operation of your car: How often do you check it? And how can you replace them?

Does your insurance cover the damage?

If you do not stop when the engine overheats, there is a high possibility that the engine will be permanently damaged. Or worse, a fire breaks out.

Most auto insurance policies do not cover engine overheating. However, the costs can be high. Birgit Verbruggen of The Independent: “A normal third-party insurance policy does not cover fire damage to your car. That’s why you need small or full comprehensive insurance. However, you should be careful: if the cause of the fire is poor maintenance of your car, there is a high probability that Your insurance company will not reimburse you for the damage.

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“a Additional insurance to help with breakdowns It ensures your car with an overheated engine is towed when you can’t drive and you and your passengers get home or to your destination. The ‘Replacement Vehicle’ option ensures that you can move around while your vehicle is being repaired, sometimes for a maximum number of days. Please refer to the general terms and conditions of your policy.


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