July 25, 2024

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21 Dutch theologians argue for unity in Rome and the Reformation

21 Dutch theologians argue for unity in Rome and the Reformation

Authors Interpretationincluding the Roman Catholic Bishop of Hertogenbosch, Gerard de Corti (picture)We believe it must be recognized that “God has made a way” with the Reformed, Baptist, and Pentecostal churches. Although separation from the mother church may be viewed as something that goes against the will of God, there may be “happy guilt” (Latin: Felix Kulba“) said the statement.

Hence church divisions could have led to good diversity.

“We recognize that the rupture between Rome and the Reformation cannot be simply dismissed as a misunderstanding and that it was based on differences concerning the basic elements of the expression and design of the faith. Some of these still exist, especially with regard to the church and ministry.”


Despite fundamental differences in religious beliefs, Catholics and Protestants share a belief in the Triune God and in Jesus Christ, the Savior and the one Head of the Church, according to the text.

And: “We believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist/Lord’s Supper, and we believe in the meaning of the function as a representation of Christ and as a sign of solidarity with the faith of the one Church.”

The declaration indicates that the original reason for the reform, the question of justification, has already been resolved. Therefore, the 21 theologians ask:

“Does still dividing us really divide the church?”

The declaration also raises many questions, such as: Is it possible to hold “Protestant rituals” within one church? “Or is this an impassable road and will other models have to be considered?”

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The platform regrets that “we” prefer to maintain ecclesiastical separation and listen to historical laws rather than obey the “laws of the spirit.”

Source: KRO/NCRV