March 2, 2024

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5% never go online: Are there still mobile cards or subscriptions without mobile data?  |  My guide

5% never go online: Are there still mobile cards or subscriptions without mobile data? | My guide

independentAnyone who uses the Internet in Belgium today usually does so using their smartphone. But there are still people who never go online. What if you’re not browsing on your mobile phone, but still want to still have access? Can you buy calling minutes and text messages only? Or get a mobile subscription without mobile data? independentbender.b List of best options.

According to research by Deloitte, at least 92 percent of Belgians own a smartphone. Among people aged 18 to 24, 97% have a smartphone in their pocket. We are also increasingly browsing via our smartphones, according to new figures from Statbel: 95 percent of Belgians aged 16 to 74 use the Internet and 92 percent of them do so via their smartphones.

But this also means that 5% of 16-74 year olds do not use the Internet. What’s more: 2% had not used the Internet three months before the Statbel survey, and 3% had never done so. A higher percentage among older people: 16% of people aged 65 to 74 did not use the Internet (or at least not in the three months before the survey).

In other words: There are still people who don’t browse on mobile devices, but might want to be accessible on the go. Who simply want to be able to call and text, without mobile data. You can still buy a regular cell phone. But how can you get credit for calling minutes and text messages?

Want to track your ideal subscription? Here you can compare offers from operators quickly and easily.

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What are your options?

You can still buy prepaid cards for your mobile phone from different operators. We looked for some cards that had as little data as possible, and preferably no mobile data at all. Take Orange’s Tempo Easy card, for example. With the €10 card, you are entitled to 100 calling minutes, 100 text messages or 100MB of mobile data.

With a €10 Pay&Go+ top-up card from Proximus, you can call for 33 minutes or send 83 texts, but you also get a free bonus of 10 minutes of calling, 500 text messages and 500MB of mobile data. The €10 prepaid card at Mobile Vikings offers either up to 25 minutes of calling, unlimited texting and 1GB, or up to 50 minutes of calling, unlimited texting and 512MB of mobile data.

Finally, would you buy a €10 top-up card from BASE? This allows you to call for 40 minutes (or unlimited for other basic numbers), send 250 text messages and get 1GB of mobile data.

Is it more interesting to subscribe?

It depends in part on what type of prepaid card you’re comparing. You must use your Tempo Easy card from Orange within one year. So, if you call and text very rarely, no plan can make this card financially sound. The Proximus Pay&Go+ card is valid for one year, and the free bonus is for 31 days. You must use your prepaid card with Mobile Vikings within one month. Just like unlimited calling minutes, 250 text messages and 1GB of mobile data at BASE.

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So, yes, if you call or text more minutes per month than these cards offer (or you lose your number of calling or texting minutes after a month anyway), a subscription may be a better option. For example, you can find a Youfone mobile subscription for €7 per month that allows you to call for up to 200 minutes or send 200 text messages. You also get 4GB of mobile data. You may not want to, but who cares: You pay less. For an extra €1 (that’s €8) you have Scarlet Red, with 300 calling minutes, unlimited texting and 1GB of data. Or an edpnet subscription with 400 call or text minutes, 2GB mobile data and free calls and texts to other edpnet mobile subscribers in Belgium. So, for less than €10 you get more, if €10 prepaid per month isn’t enough.

Don’t pay more for services you don’t use? These are currently the cheapest mobile subscriptions on the market.

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