December 1, 2022

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Alex Agnew fills the Worcester meadow on his own

Alex Agnew fills the Worcester meadow on his own

His goal has always been high and he will take another step soon: on June 18 Alex Agnew from Antwerp will be alone at the festival site in Werchter, in front of tens of thousands of fans. Never before seen comedian.

Ed Sheeran has already done so, single-handedly filling the festival lawn in Werchter. AC/DC also, in 2016, was topped by Axl Rose for the occasion. Alex Agnew will be chasing after them soon with the show wake me up when it’s over† A feat for a comedian. “Once in a lifetime,” appears in a press release. For his fiftieth birthday and because he’s been on stage for twenty years.

“To relieve the childhood pain he lost forever and strike his colossal ego again, Alex Agnew takes this opportunity to celebrate it all with you,” the letter reads. Not that he jumps at the deep end, because in 2011 he was five times in the Sportpaleis, reaching more than 60,000 fans.

The organization is in the hands of Live Nation, which also created Rock Werchter. CEO Hermann Scheuermanns: “Alex Agnew is a high performer, a phenomenon, a man who dares. We’ve already organized concerts for the world’s greatest artists in Festival Park. This is of a completely different nature: the greatest comedy show ever, from The king of comedy† We are proud to be a part of this and we will make history together.

The ticket costs 70 euros, ticket sales begin on March 12. For each ticket sold, 1 euro is donated to the Yamina Krossa Breast Cancer Research Fund.

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