December 1, 2023

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BoldMove announces strategic media and integrated media alliance

BoldMove announces strategic media and integrated media alliance

Belgian attraction developer BoldMove Nation is proud to announce “Immersive Theming & Media Group” as a strategic partnership with Polymorph and Eye-Opener. With this, BoldMove Nation expands its successful partnership to create immersive experiences for visitors.

By joining forces, the three partners offer a unique integrated approach to themed rides and attractions, fully integrating media, design and production. For theme park and entertainment venue owners, this means a simpler process, saving time and costs without sacrificing creativity. With these combined capabilities, the team provides experience design as well as planning and design for dark rides, water rides, roller coasters and theme park areas. By synchronizing physical and digital themes with technological components, parks can provide their visitors with a high-level immersive experience throughout the attraction or throughout the entire themed area.

Darkride Champi Folies decor at Le Pal – theme design by BoldMove Nation, production and installation by Eye-Opener

“This collaboration is a great example of partners strengthening each other to build high-quality themed attractions focused on fun and emotions,” explains Anja Dhondt, Managing Partner and Queen of Happy Hearts at BoldMove. “Our integrated approach involves all partners from the concept stage, where the digital and physical components are fully aligned. This ensures consistent quality throughout the project with customer and visitor satisfaction as our ultimate common goal.”

Multi-format project
Eye opener at work

Fabrice Guichard and his Polymorph team, based in Brittany (France), have been an integral partner of BoldMove in the development of all media, animation and game content since the beginning. The intelligent artificial intelligence applied to the game engines ensures fun for all players, without complicating matters for the user. With Eye-Opener founders Siemon Ariens and Lars van den Dungen, it was a natural fit from the first contact. Their team perfectly translates our creative ideas and designs into suitable decorations with high-quality materials, using innovative techniques.

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Successful, award-winning collaborations

The three partners have already proven themselves successfully working together on the design, media and themes of the interactive dark ride Champi’Folies at Le PAL in France. The attraction is displayed in miniature form on the platform and has now received 6 nominations for 3 industry awards – including Best Theme as a finalist in the Park World Excellence Awards. Heavily themed scenes come together in a combined environment with multi-level gameplay and virtual cutscenes, resulting in a highly immersive and fun experience for the whole family. BoldMove’s multilingual team played a central role in the attraction’s design, creative theme and art direction, as well as overall project and account management. The attraction’s concept is based on the original Smash & Reload concept of CEO and Creative Minds Captain Benoit Cornet, who designed the attraction based on 25 years of dark ride experience.

BoldMove has already developed innovative creative concepts for dark rides, flume rides, pre-shows and themed indoor spaces including media attractions, stadiums, shops and restaurants. The team works around existing IPs such as Marsupilami in Houba World, TooMush’s IP or custom IPs to suit the site and audience.

“Media, intellectual property and themes are at the heart of the experience and require design capabilities that integrate them early in the creative process. We then identify the best partners on a project basis for the most technology-driven components, such as the ride system, interaction and display or display control. This new alliance enables us to “Delivering any type of immersive, location-based experiences, combining media and themes into ‘happy worlds’ for our clients and ultimately for their visitors with friends and family.”

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