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Dame Judi Dench turned down her role in ‘The Crown’ due to the harsh and unfair facts |  showbiz

Dame Judi Dench turned down her role in ‘The Crown’ due to the harsh and unfair facts | showbiz

TelevisionOscar winner Dame Judi Dench (87) was considered to be a part of the fifth season of The Crown. According to the “Times”, she was in negotiations to play the role of Queen Elizabeth II’s mother. But the British actress thought the role too small and did not agree to be compensated. After reading the script, she also criticized Netflix for the mischievous, cruel, and unjust storylines in the series.

The Crown sees the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth II on the show, currently Imelda Staunton, earning the highest salary. Something Mrs. Judi Dench didn’t agree to. Dench, who was awarded the title “Lady” by the Queen in 1988, played Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. She enjoys a good relationship with the British royal family and was also concerned that starring in The Crown might harm their friendship. In addition, she did not support the script of the series, which follows the royal family and amplifies the events of their lives.

She made this clear last week in a letter published in The Times of London. “The closer the series gets to our present time, the more one seems willing to blur the lines between historical accuracy and gross thriller,” Dench wrote. The actress insisted that Netflix display a warning for every episode of Season 5 of The Crown that they are fiction. Out of respect for the Queen who passed away on September 8, 2022. Although the actress believes in artistic freedom, she believes that “this cannot be left unrecognized”. “Because there are some mischievous rumors in the series – for example, that King Charles once plotted to sack his mother – the series is harmful to the individuals involved and harmful to the organization they represent,” Dench concluded. Dame Judy fears that too many viewers, especially overseas, will consider the “crown” version to be completely real.

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Dominic West as Charles, Elizabeth Debicki as Diana in The Crown © Netflix

A spokesperson for the series has publicly stated that “The Crown” has always been a “fantasy drama.” “Season 5 is a fantasy drama that shows what could have happened behind closed doors during an important decade for the royal family. It is also a decade that has been well scrutinized and documented over the years by journalists, biographers and historians.” In the fifth season of “The Crown” the 90s were discussed. During that time, Princess Diana and Prince Charles broke up, after which the royal family faced several scandals. Now that Judi Dench has turned down the role of Queen Elizabeth II’s mother, British actress Marcia Warren will play the role.

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