September 27, 2023

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Dutch government party VVD wants to revive military conscription |  outside

Dutch government party VVD wants to revive military conscription | outside

The party of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte wants to revive military service in the Netherlands. This was stated in the draft electoral program, which was presented on Friday morning. The VVD party calls for voluntary recruitment according to the Swedish model, write to our colleagues from “AD”.

Conscription was never abolished in the Netherlands. However, since May 1, 1997, no youth has been called up to this competition.

In Sweden, military service was successfully reintroduced a few years ago. VVD wants to imitate this Swedish model. The intention is that all boys will no longer be called. Instead, all young people, including girls, will receive a home questionnaire when they turn 18. They are asked if they are willing to do military service. Suitable and motivated young people can then be employed for a year on a voluntary basis. In Sweden, this resulted in thousands of registrations.

Define boundaries

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s party presented its draft election platform Friday morning, titled “Give Space”. Setting boundaries.” More freedom and better livelihoods for “hard-working” people and restrictions on asylum will be the VVD’s commitment in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Party leader Dylan Yeshelgos describes “freedom” as the most important political motivation. She says she feels “oxygen is disappearing from society”, for example, because of “stifling rules”. According to Isselgojs, space is needed in the Netherlands. That is why, according to her, it is necessary to set limits: “Who enters, who is polluted, and how we treat each other.” According to her, the last point certainly applies to politics as well: “We have been too preoccupied with ourselves and not sufficiently preoccupied with the problems of the country. This is an old policy.”

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The program is not final yet. On September 23, it must be approved by the members at the party congress.

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