February 6, 2023

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Fans criticize Zendaya's wax figure: "Is that Kylie Jenner?"  † celebrities

Fans criticize Zendaya’s wax figure: “Is that Kylie Jenner?” † celebrities

The internet wouldn’t be the internet if people couldn’t express their criticism right away. So fans of the actress took to Instagram and Twitter to write their discontent with what the wax looks like. According to Zendaya fans, Madame Tussauds especially missed the mark with the actress’s looks and expressions.

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The new wax figure was created from measurements and references taken during a meeting with artists in 2015. Zendaya already owns two wax figures at Madame Tussauds in San Francisco, which are more similar to them than their latest addition. The actress attended the unveiling of the other two characters in 2015 and posed selfies beside the statues. Now she has yet to comment on her latest lookalike, but her fans have already.

It looks like on Twitter “Kylie Jenner made it by mistake.” Another user wrote: “Is this really the best you can make?” The reactions on Instagram weren’t cute either: “Out of all her signature outfits, which one is she making?” He looks angry at the reactions. Another user asks “Did you use melted wax Kylie Jenner for this?”

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