September 29, 2023

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Fortnite now has a museum about the Holocaust

Fortnite now has a museum about the Holocaust

Some developers have used Unreal Editor For Fortnite Program from Epic Games to create an in-game museum about the Holocaust. The aim is to teach young people about the Nazis’ systematic campaign of extermination of Jews and other unwanted population groups during World War II.

The advantage of Fortnite, of course, is that it has millions of players, players who will probably never end up in a museum about the Holocaust. Museum, by the way, in addition to Light and darka free game that also aims to teach young people about the Holocaust.

This isn’t the first time such a historical museum has appeared in Fortnite. Earlier, Epic Games themselves created the Martin Luther King Jr. game. Museum as part of a formal partnership with the Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the DuSable Museum of African American History.

If you want to visit the Holocaust Museum in Fortnite on your own, you can do so via map code 4491-8501-3730.

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