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Google Pixel Fold foldable smartphone

Google Pixel Fold foldable smartphone

Google’s first foldable phone is expected to feature a 7.6-inch flexible screen before the end of 2021. 3D renders show a possible design for the new Pixel Fold.

This fall, the Google Pixel 6 en Pixel 6 Pro chest. At the same time, the new Android 12 Launch the operating system. However, it doesn’t seem to stop there. Several industry sources have now indicated that Google will introduce its first foldable smartphone before the end of 2021. The device may be marketed under the Pixel Fold model name.

Google’s first foldable phone is expected to have a flexible display internally. Based on all the rumors, graphic designer Waqar Khan In collaboration with LetsGoDigital, a series of 3D renderings made with the anticipated Google Pixel Fold. The design is inspired by the Pixel 6 series.

google pixel foldable phone

Pixel Fold shows a design similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Available front screen with a punch-hole selfie camera, placed in the upper left corner. The screen bezels and bezels are fairly thick, and that’s likely already the case. After all, it remains Google’s first generation of foldable phones.

Once opened, the user has a large tablet screen at his disposal. A punch-hole camera is integrated here as well, this time in the upper right corner. The device is equipped with a similar concealment hinge as the one used by Samsung.

By the way, on September 23, 2021, Google LLC was also granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a “multi-axis hinge mechanism and a foldable device of the same thing”. The 58-page documentation describes an advanced detailed mechanism, designed in such a way that only a small slit is created when the device is folded.

The patented hinge is suitable for a foldable smartphone with an inward folding screen, which folds to the size of a tablet. So it’s possible that Google will want to use this type of hinge for the Pixel Fold.

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google foldable smartphone

The serendipity model is also discussed in the extensive documentation. At the bottom of this webpage, you can download the PDF file, including the comprehensive technical description and original patent images.

Coming back to the Waqar-designed Pixel Fold, it’s the back that bears a strong resemblance to the Pixel 6 series. Although the Series 6 launch event has yet to take place, Google has already announced a few details in August of this year – including That design.

The Pixel 6 gets a three-tone design with a vertical camera trim that protrudes from the body. It is a distinctive and unique design that the designer has also included in the Pixel Fold. Even the zoom camera is reflected in the design.

Also watch the animation video below, in which Waqar Khan shows off the Google Pixel Fold from all sides, in the same color variants as the Pixel 6 series.

google foldable smartphone

Last year, it was already announced that Google was developing a foldable smartphone codenamed Passport. More concrete information about Google foldable that is in development followed in July of this year. then both electricity als displayanalist Ross Young Google’s foldable phone will have a 7.6-inch flexible screen.

Screen size corresponds to the latest version Samsung Z Fold 3. Most likely it will be an LTPO 120Hz display panel Samsung screen Spread. Google, like Samsung, is expected to use Ultra Thin Glass technology. This will make the screen more resistant to scratches and shocks. The type of screen protector to be applied is still unknown.

There is also no information about the chipset at this time. However, it is certainly not inconceivable that Google will also use the recently announced Tensor SoC for the foldable Pixel phone. It’s the first system on a chip from Google. The processor is named after Google’s open source machine learning platform; TensorFlow.

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Reportedly an unannounced Samsung Exynos 9855 – which will offer somewhat similar performance to the Exynos 2100 one for high end Samsung Galaxy S21 String is applied. The chip was developed in collaboration with artificial intelligence engineers from Google. According to the tech giant, the Tensor chip will support the most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine lean (ML) functions ever.

Google Pixel Fold

It is still unknown at the moment what the camera configuration will look like. Although the product rendering shows a camera similar to that of the Pixel 6, it is not inconceivable that Google actually uses a less advanced camera system.

Finally, Samsung has also opted to equip its foldable phones with a lower quality camera than regular high-end devices. Google will likely follow a similar strategy to keep the price of the foldable smartphone somewhat.

In addition, there are indications that the foldable phone will be the first Google phone with an under-display camera – just like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. In May of this year, the company already received a patent for a google pixel phone met under the monitor camera.

Aside from all the specs, many are of course especially curious about what software improvements Google will implement. Because you can assume that Google will also introduce the new features necessary for big screen use. Recently, the company also obtained a patent for Google Pixel tablet – although it is highly doubtful whether this model will ever be commercialized.

Regarding the release date, EvLeaks confirmed last month via Twitter The foldable Pixel will be officially released before the end of the year. Google has been working on a foldable smartphone for two years now. The device is being developed under the code name “Passport”. The retail designation is still unknown.

Many assume that Google’s foldable devices, just like regular phone models, will fit within the Pixel model range. Since the foldable phone will have a so-called foldable form factor, the Google Pixel Fold sounds like a logical name, but that’s not certain yet.

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Google Fold

Google Pixel Fold price and release

Google’s first foldable smartphone may be presented simultaneously with the Pixel 6 operating system and Android 12. There will be a special launch event for this, which is expected to take place on October 19, 2021. The Pixel 6 phones will be launched a week later, on October 28 . It remains to be seen if the Pixel Fold will go on sale as well.

There is no known price information at this time. Since the device will have a foldable form factor, the selling price is likely to be around €1800 – €2000. Unfortunately, Google smartphones are not officially sold in the Netherlands. This likely won’t be different with the foldable phone. There is a real chance that the device will end up in our country via gray import. In addition, you can buy Google phones in neighboring Germany.

It also appears that Google has another foldable phone in the works. 9To5Google It reported last month that the company is also developing a foldable model codenamed “Jumbojack”. However, it is likely that Google will initially stick to a single model. Perhaps the second model will appear in 2022. Either way, there seems to be a lot of beauty ahead.

Download documents: google foldable smartphone With multi-axis smooth hinge mechanism.

pixel fold

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