December 1, 2023

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Green is the link in Het Plein at the trade fair

Green is the link in Het Plein at the trade fair

Het Plein, now a collaboration between twelve companies, was created in 2017, when the fair is held for the second year in Utrecht Jarbors. “Before that, the event was on a smaller scale in Hötten. In Utrecht it became more massive. As a result, I found there was less interaction and together with some like-minded people we started to look at how to approach this. That’s where the collaboration started.”

Companies want to see what would happen if they joined forces and didn’t put the stands back, but moved them towards each other. It is a nice metaphor for the space subsequently created for interaction and collaboration: it leads to an arena where the exhibitors’ experiences meet and complement each other.

Knowledge exchange

“The nice thing is that you empower each other,” Roots says. “What happens is that a client has a project that is progressing and they have questions about that project. This is not just about paving or a tree stand, it could also be about street furniture, lighting, a fountain or natural stone. How wonderful it would be to sit together at the table and be able You can retrieve information very quickly in this way. This is the essence of Het Plein according to Rots, people who want to make something beautiful out of the outdoor space and share knowledge about it.

Roots sees the power of coming together and inspiring each other. This year, Het Plein also took the step of organizing on-site meetings with lectures and excursions outside the fair. Architects and municipalities in particular meet, after which details of the projects are presented in a plenary session and people can then catch up in an informal setting. “This combination is very nice, because you don’t have any problems. This way you meet each other again, that need is there. We have noticed that from the comments we receive.”

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Another approach

This approach will continue in the exhibition. While in recent years a different landscape designer has been asked to create a design for Het Plein, this year participants chose a different design. “Like this design with the landscape designer was also very nice, we tried to leave a statement. But the synergy could be more apparent, so we started looking at how to highlight that better.”

The group invites landscape designer Steven Delva to think together and challenge them. “We started philosophizing together, ‘What is the stock market going to look like in the future?’ Because what we don’t really want anymore is the three of us standing in our booth, wearing suits. We want to approach the show in a different way; we will be together a lot more this year, instead of putting Your own position in the spotlight specifically.

Rots emphasize enhancing each other and sharing knowledge. It is not that the participating companies refer clients to each other. “It should be clear to the visitor that we have a collaboration. Organizing things together to promote quality and craftsmanship in public spaces. But companies have their own identity, they are also in the arena as a company. You want someone who is looking for you to be able to find you.”

Green is a great connector

“What we will do this year is to lay a uniform floor, without paths, subdivisions or lines. We will then feature the great connection between our fields, the greenery, prominently in the roof of the plants. We turn the roof into a green oasis, hanging from back wall to wall.” “The backdrop is between four and six thousand plants from the ceiling down. With a dynamic play of light between them, which illuminates a long table through the plants. Everyone can sit at that long table, as the perfect starting point for a new project and for sharing knowledge. The greenery provides a pleasant environment to stay and discuss.” It represents the synergy between our companies,” Roots explains of the plan for this year.

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Roots is curious to know what the results will be. “Yes, the visitor is probably not ready for this personal approach. They find it exciting to sit at that table and talk or ask questions. When did he succeed? “If it’s more about content and quality than you say, ‘We’ve sold three projects.’ And at the end of the day, that’s not even what it’s about. It’s really about finding that connection with that client, opening lines that wouldn’t be easy to open. And that you can talk And meet each other virtually without any barriers.

Trade fair

Het Plein can be found in Hall 4. Participating companies are ecoDynamic, Metten Stein+Design, Vande Moortel, SmitsRinsma, Rots Maatwerk, Boot & Dart Boomkwekerijen, DDC-Heinenoord, De Enk Groen & Golf, Selux, Furns, TreeBuilders and Zorgeloos. green.