December 6, 2023

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Hey: the hated Crocs are now getting a cowboy version |  Nina

Hey: the hated Crocs are now getting a cowboy version | Nina

Obviously, silly fashion items haven’t disappeared from the world yet. After the canary yellow cartoon shoes with holes and a version inspired by the swamp monster “Shrek”, Crocs is now launching a controversial new shoe. This time in Sitra country. “This is the perfect walking shoe!”

Anyone who thinks Crocs can’t get uglier is wrong. but Love or hateHowever, we now see the shoe with holes more often on the fashion scene. They’ve already been spotted on the feet of celebrities like Stormzy, Post Malone, Justin Bieber and even Paris Hilton, having been a favorite of gardeners, boating enthusiasts and nurses for years.

Especially for “croctober”, the month in which the brand wants to focus more on its fans, a new version of the hideous shoe will be on the market soon. The brand was advertised on social media. This time it’s inspired by that other controversial shoe that saw a real resurgence last summer: the cowboy boot.

Cowboy boots shaped like Crocs? It looks like this

Wearing Western-style clothing is equally popular. Partly thanks “Coastal Cowgirl”The trend, which can be spotted on social media. Supporters wear summer, cowboy-inspired clothing, complete with fringe, ruffles, and of course, boots. Hashtag #coastalcowgirl He already has more than 200 million views on the video app TikTok. But you can also see Beyoncé and Taylor Swift dazzling in style on stage in recent months.

For those who want to combine their love of Western style with their love of Crocs, the brand’s Classic Cowboy Boot will be released on October 23, which also happens to be Croc Day. Yes, Crocs in the shape of cowboy boots. The idea for this strange combination came, surprisingly, from clog lovers themselves. They have shown great enthusiasm for such Crocs on social media, which can be read in a press release.

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“Crocs cowboy boots” or “Croats”. © Crocs Company.

This unique pair is decorated with the typical stitching you’d find on a regular cowboy boot, and comes in faux snakeskin with Crocs’ signature eyelets. Certainly the familiar markings on the back of the heel of the shoe should not be missing.

However, the upcoming Cowboys or “Croats” can still count on very mixed reactions for now. “I hope this isn’t a joke because I really need these shoes in my life,” one person wrote under the Instagram post. Another said: “Perfect walking shoes.” “Please don’t post this,” one hater replies. Another said: “This is really overrated!”

These stylized crocodiles also sparked many reactions

This isn’t the first time Crocs has made a statement. The brand has already released a glow-in-the-dark model, but also with high heels in collaboration with another controversial brand: Balenciaga. Earlier this year, a Barbie version of the clog was released and the green monster Shrek was also the inspiration for a pair of Crocs.

Left: Crooks' partner.  Right: Crocs x Balenciaga.
Left: Crooks’ partner. Right: Crocs x Balenciaga. © Crocs/Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

At least what catches the eye are the canary yellow “cartoon shoes” that the brand also launched this year with the MSCHF art collective in New York. Only reality TV star Paris Hilton became the advertising face for the shoes, which cost about 406 euros. However, this collaboration caused quite a stir at the time. The bones are completely at odds with Paris’s chic and sophisticated style.

The price of a new cowboy crocodile reaches about 120 dollars, or approximately 114 euros. You can get it starting October 23rd at the site And in some Crocs stores. Please note that this is for a limited time only.

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