December 6, 2023

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Is the behavior of the singers the reason for canceling the Adele concert series?  'Her team was a nightmare' |  celebrities

Is the behavior of the singers the reason for canceling the Adele concert series? ‘Her team was a nightmare’ | celebrities

celebritiesAdele, 33, announced last Friday that she had to cancel her long-awaited series of concerts in Las Vegas at the last minute. The British singer stated in an emotional video message that “the delay in production due to the Corona crisis” could have been the reason. But according to insiders, the tensions between Adele and her management may also have something to do with it.

According to staff at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where Adele was to perform for three months, the singer’s team was a “complete nightmare” to work with. During preparations for the concert series, it was said that there was so much tension between the British and its management that “the level of tension has only increased”, according to some staff.

Adele and her team reportedly insisted that the venue’s sound system be replaced with their own. In addition, they also wanted to install a completely new video system for recordings. Scott Rubin, a journalist in Las Vegas, shared the story: “Apparently Adele and her team refused to use the equipment already in place. The room also contained a huge video screen, very high tech, but Adele’s team insisted on installing a completely new system, only a few centimeters larger than the The current system,” Robin said. “Demands like this not only increase production costs, but at a time when people and resources are being disrupted by the corona virus, this really requires problems. In this case, there are delays and so everything has to be canceled at the last minute.”

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“People familiar with the situation in Vegas were told that the Caesar’s Palace was 100 percent ready for it,” continues Rubin. “There were reasons other than ‘production delays’ in play and one possible factor appears to be her behavior as a singer.”

There is also speculation that Adele would prefer to have her boyfriend, athletic agent Rich Paul at the helm rather than her current management. It was also alleged that the singer clashed with her ensemble designer, Esmeralda Devlin. A source told The Sun, “Although the set cost millions to assemble, Adele was not satisfied with the outcome and made her feelings very clear to Esmeralda.” “Adele was really nervous and the fight scared her because she wanted so badly everything to be perfect.”

According to insiders, Adele wanted to make intimate shows but was pressured to come up with additional show elements anyway, causing clashes between the two versions of what the show was supposed to be. Adele and her team are now discussing new dates for her Las Vegas concert series. “We’re going to reschedule all appointments, we’re working hard on it right now, and I’m going to finish my show the way I want,” the singer said in her video message.

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