January 28, 2023

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Known from ‘Cops Maastricht’ and ‘Alfred Jodocus Kwak’: Actor Arthur Bonney dies (88) | showbiz

Actor Arthur Bonney, known for his contributions to many television series, has passed away. His family will inform the Dutch newspaper Het Paarol on Monday. Bony was born in Antwerp in 1934 and has played in the Netherlands since 1957. According to his cousin, he also has Dutch citizenship. He was active until 2013, in the critically acclaimed The Grandson, after which he suffered from failing health.

Bonnie died at the age of 88 the day before Christmas in Amsterdam, but it was only now that his death was reported. In the early 1960s, Boni appeared on Dutch television in the then popular children’s series The Adventures of Okkie Trooy, in which he portrayed Marquis van Karakoelikas. In the 1970s he contributed, among others, to the highly watched series “Waaldrecht” and “Klaverweide”.

In the 1980s and 1990s, roles in productions such as “Dossier Verhulst” and “Ha, die pa!” and “The summer of ’45”, “Medical Center West”, “Spangen” and “Good Times, Bad Times”. After the turn of the century, Bonnie was admired in Dutch productions “Gooische Vrouwen”, “Flikken Maastricht” and “Juliana, princess of Orange”.

Orange soldier

In the 1977 motion picture “Soldat van Oranje” he played the humble Otto. Bonnie has not only acted in films (TV), but has also worked with many theater companies, including ‘Het Zuidelijk Toneel’, ‘De Nederlandse Comedie’, ‘Toneelgroep Theatre’, ‘Zuidelijk Toneel Globe’ and ‘Noord Nederlands Toneel’. “. He played in plays ranging from Shakespeare to Heijermans.

He has also taken on voices in cartoons, such as as no fewer than four voices in “Alfred Judokus Kwak” (1989-1991), and can be heard on the legendary radio series “Paul Flandin”.

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