July 21, 2024

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Kristoff and Lindsey compete for ‘Best Birthday Ever’

Kristoff and Lindsey compete for ‘Best Birthday Ever’

Kristoff and Lindsey take their chances in “My Best Christmas Ever”. © VTM

The fight kicks off Monday night on “My Best Birthday Ever”. In the new VTM show, four duos try to impress each other all week long with their very own Christmas party. Report the call: Schlager singer Christophe de Paul (46) and his sister Lindsey (44), two avowed Christmas freaks.

Wout destiny

When all the participants gather at the venue for their first Christmas party, candidates Vic and Mia are already excited that two familiar faces will be joining the table for the week. “This is really a big surprise. Who on earth made these people? Our evening can’t go wrong anymore.”

Kristoff admits his closet is full of Christmas sweaters. He and Lindsey won’t get their turn until Thursday, as the final couple. But brother and sister are already preparing for the traditional Christmas party with deer, dandelion and above all many surprises. From the red carpet to the concert in the garden. “Because that’s what Christmas is all about for me,” says Kristoff. “If you really love someone, the best is not good enough. I really wanted to give them the best of the best.”

Each time, the duo evaluates the decoration, the dinner and the preservation of Christmas traditions. Whoever gets the highest score at the end of the week can celebrate three days of Christmas at Disneyland Paris next year.