December 5, 2023

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LIVE: OHL and Standard combine odds in animated opening stage |  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

LIVE: OHL and Standard combine odds in animated opening stage | Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Jupiler Pro League – Round 9 – 09/30/23 – 18:16

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With 12th and 13th in the standings, both the OHL and Standard remain below expectations at the moment this season. With a score of 7 out of 9, the Leuven residents seem to have got the rhythm right. There are also signs of improvement at Standard: Liège are unbeaten in four matches. Which club raises itself from the bottom of the podium? Catch all the action here from 6:15pm.

  1. First half, minute 26. Standard are increasingly asking for the ball and can gradually advance. This OHL team, which is so sloppy with the ball, should collapse. .
  2. First half, minute 21. Fauci’s surprise. The rain on goal chances continues in Den Drif. Kanga heads a corner kick very sharply, but Fossey is so stunned that he can’t get the ball past the far post. .
  3. First half, minute 20. Sagrado has to stop Djenepo again incorrectly after a quick dribble from the wing. It won’t be the last time tonight. .
  4. First half, minute 17. Dom passes over the crossbar with difficulty. During the next plateau, the OHL team once again approaches the opening goal. Standard is surprised after rehearsing another song from Lovin’s book, but the self-contained Dom heads towards the half-meter. .
  5. First half, minute 14. Richie Sagrado has his hands full with mercury Djenepo. The young right-back has to use all his limbs to (wrongly) stop the Malian. In the ensuing free-kick, Kwabe struck the top of Van Heusden’s head, but his header went too far down the middle. .
  6. 1st half, minute 11. It goes back and forth in the first quarter of this game. Now it has become the standard that conjures a great combination on the carpet. Last stop is Djenepo again but the Mali is offside. .
  7. First half, minute 9.
  8. First half, minute 8. Almost Thorsteinsson! Suddenly the OHL could break out. Thorsteinsson cuts inside and combines well with Maziz. The Icelander comes face to face with Boddart, but the latter wins the argument. Right away a great opportunity for the OHL! .
  9. First half, minute 6. No penalty kick! Djenepo drives Sagrado crazy with a few steps and then descends impatiently into the penalty area. The contact was minimal, and referee D’Hondt and also VAR allowed it to happen. Lovin has been warned. .
  10. First half, minute 3. Djenepo, one of Standard’s leaders since his return, takes his first dribble on the left flank. This gives Standard a corner kick, which Prevot takes easily. .
  11. First half, minute 1. The ball’s rolling. Ali is a party. Leuven immediately chases the ball high, which quickly results in Liège losing the ball. .
  12. First half, minute 1, the match started
  13. In advance, at 6:00 p.m., the players walk through Leuven Park. Den Dreef is completely full when Standard arrives. The atmosphere is good, the weather is beautiful: the elements for a great evening of football are there. .
  14. Liège drought in Leuven. After looking at the numbers, the OHL can confidently wait for the Roche. The Leuven People have won the past three encounters with Standard. In fact, the OHL has not lost to the people of Liège in the past seven and a half years. The last time the Standard OHL was able to beat the OHL in an official match was in January 2016 (0-2). . In advance, at 5:55 p.m.
  15. In advance, 5 pm 34. Who will continue in the right direction? The storm clouds of Den Dreef appear to have dissipated (for now). After a disastrous 2 out of 15, the OHL is back among the people with a score of 7 out of 9 (win over Kortrijk, draw against Ghent and win against Mechelen). Coach Press wants to continue this good momentum against Standard, but the people of Liège also do not want to see the end of their modest run of success. Standard were unbeaten for four weeks (3 draws, 1 win), after a disastrous start to the competition. Mayonnaise with new coach Hofkens seems to be getting better and better. Will this lead to a second win of the season in Leuven? .
  16. In advance, 5pm 24. The Zats return to base. There is one change to note at Standard after the 0-0 draw against Westerlo last week. Steven Alzate returns to the starting line-up, and William Balikwesha disappears to the bench. .
  17. Up front, 5pm and 7pm unchanged OHL. No surprises on Brees’ team. The OHL starts with the same eleven names that defeated KV Mechelen last week. Trident Mazis-Nsenge-Thorsteinsson should provide goals for Den Drev. .
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