December 8, 2022

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Missing the win by one second and then not knowing what the Paloma cocktail is in the final: the fate of the loser in "The Smartest Person" |  Television

Losing the win by 1 second, while your opponent compensates for 220 seconds: The fate of the loser in “The Smartest Man” | Television

TelevisionIt is over and he goes out to Riad Bahri. He missed the win by just one second. Because Danira Bouhkriss snatched 40 seconds fast, attentive, and high off Cannaerts on the movie tour. In the final, Merol faced a gap of no less than 220 seconds. Yet she struggled for that sanctuary. Riad could only come up with three correct answers. And I can’t say anything about the Paloma Cocktail. Bye marine.

The funniest, happiest, and most colorful journalist of “Het Journaal” from “De Allerslimste Mens ter Wereld”. Only with a lot of luck, he will soon be given a place in the final weeks. Now he was shortening one second in scenes to come back for a fourth time. Its end was a disappointment.

Suddenly one second in this test turned out to be very important. So it is important as a candidate to play alert and focused from the start. Taking as many seconds as possible all around, wasting as little time as possible. Anyway, pretty much Bart Kanerts’ technique. In fact, Riyad Al Bahri did well in his third entry. A quick and good ‘open door’, a quick and good ‘puzzle’, but a bit informal on the photo tour. She could have given him seven French tokens instead of six victory. I would like to add that in the video tour, Danira received an easy-to-see video of the conflict between China and Taiwan. But the answers were very difficult. After six successful posts…

For Danira, her participation in the “Allerslimste Mens” is indispensable. With the retirement of Riad Bahri, she is now definitively sure of second place in the final standings. She can return in one day before the Grand Final.

Newcomer Merol got off to a slow start and was never in the game. The end result of 145 seconds is below average. Especially for a tough candidate like Merol. In the final I played well and difficult. I simply outperformed Riad with 17 correct answers to 3 out of 6 questions. But watch out for the Dutchman.

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Two hilarious Gunners sat on the jury benches with the Geubels-Jeroom duo. I felt it right away. A barrage of good individual speeches, witty reactions, and dry notes, Jerome signed off. More of these guys, please.

Another cool detail: Domino’s Pizza was briefly shuffled under the rug by Eric and the others. “I understand they had to shut down in Italy. It’s terrible.” And Merol: “Lots of fat.” To any jubilees: “I call them fat cakes. Honestly.”

best quotes

Merol (Could you become the smartest human): “Sure. You have to believe in him. With my second place in De Slimste Mens, I am now recognized and addressed everywhere here.” To any Jeubeles: “These are people from UNICEF.”

Jerome (after Riad announced his Out of the Closet, In the Closet): “This is something Anne Frank would have used too.” (which had some shocking reactions from the studio)

Geubels (about Jeroom’s performance at Allerslimste Mens): “I was watching, I blinked and he was gone.”

Jerome (about Ella Laers, who played him in the house): “So Ella Laers. But the luck in the game is bad luck in love. And that’s right. Because now she’s with Rick Ferhey.”

Geubels (about the atmosphere during the recordings of Slimste Mens in the Netherlands, where it was immediately played at home): “I think there was a nice atmosphere at my grandmother’s funeral.”

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Jerome (on his relationship with Elodie): “Everything is still fine. She’s not getting any other food.”

Jerome (if there are any benefits to gray hair): “I’m not bald.” Goebbels sighs deeply.

Jeubeles (on high alert after Riad said he had to go to the emergency room with a mosquito bite): “Did they come and take you with the mosquitoes?!” Which Riad said: “I thought it was monkey pox.”

fun moments

Jerome and Philip Goebbels respond to Eric Van Looy’s statement in which bystanders said he looked like Tom Cruise (certainly after his eye surgery). Goebbels: Who said that? A man with a white stick and a dog? And Jerome: And what is your impossible task? Get out of the bathroom?

Transformation moments

Newcomer Merol instantly takes 30 seconds. It’s obviously going to be a false good start later.

Riad Bahri is fast and good at ‘open door’ and ‘puzzles’. Merol completely sinks.

In the photo gallery, Merol knows a lot, but she also loses a lot of time singing songs. Danira has a quick and simple question with pictures, just like Riad.

In the video tour, Danira makes the difference. You steal 90 seconds from Merol and Riad. this is the difference. She wins exactly one second.

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In the final, Riyad should always win. He doesn’t. Finds the ingredients of the Mexican Paloma Cocktail.

Final score (for the final match)

1. Danita Buchris 365 seconds.

The result

1. Bart Kanerts: 17 entries, 9 wins, 7 finals won, 1 final lost

2. Danira Bukhris: 7 participations, 4 victories and 3 finals

3. Jonas Gernert: 5 starts, 2 wins, 2 finals, 1 final lost

4. Liesbeth Van Impe: 4 entries, 3 wins, 1 final loss

5. Delphine Lecompte: 4 entries, 2 wins, 1 final, 1 final lost

6. Jelly Clemens: 4 posts, 2 wins, 1 final win, 1 final loss

7. Lotte Vanwezemael: 3 entries, 1 win, 1 final, 1 final lost

8. Jill Van Boyle: 3 entries, won 2 finals, lost 1 final

9. Eva de Roux: 3 entries, won 2 finals, lost 1 final

10. Olga Laers: 3 participations, won 2 finals, lost 1 final

11. Riyad Al-Bahri: 3 participations, 1 win, 1 final, 1 final lost

12. Mirol: 1 entry and 1 win in the final


6 entries, 5 wins

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