December 5, 2023

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Olga Liers on her husband Giancarlo: “If I have to change my pillow, my bags will be ready” |  Showbiz

Olga Liers on her husband Giancarlo: “If I have to change my pillow, my bags will be ready” | Showbiz

showbizOlga Liers (26 years old) tells of her relationship in De Morgen that she could not bear to make a mistake right away. “I married a classic Italian, right,” she laughs of her stylist, Giancarlo Angeletti, 43, whom she married in April.

look. Olga marries Giancarlo

Olga was interviewed along with her sisters Ella and Billie. The latter talks about her love for producer Jasper Michaelberg, saying that another kiss will not immediately mean the end of their relationship. Olga takes this statement. “I’m afraid my bags are ready,” she says. “You married a classic Italian, right? (laughs)”

She confirms that she finds long-term relationships “very beautiful.” “If, after all these years, you’re still connected by inside jokes and shared memories, that’s great, right?” “That’s why I’m glad I got married young: the counter is already running.”

Spontaneous love

Olga married Italian fashion designer Giancarlo Angeletti in April this year, and was married to him for three years. Olga met him through her sister Ella, and the spark lit right away. “I can be completely myself with him,” she previously said of Giancarlo in “Het Laatste Nieuws.” “With the right partner, love is suspiciously simple and fun.”

Giancarlo has two children from a previous relationship, Omar (9 years old) and Pablo (4 years old). Olga previously revealed to “Dag Allemaal” that she also has a desire to have children herself. “When I see how Giancarlo has effortlessly created such a beautiful home for his children, it is the best declaration of the desire to have children,” says Olga. Although it definitely doesn’t have to be right away.

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