December 5, 2023

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What is the ‘girlfriend effect’ that makes men suddenly look more stylish?  |  Nina

What is the ‘girlfriend effect’ that makes men suddenly look more stylish? | Nina

Don’t have a sense of fashion? It’s time for love, say countless social media users. A lot of guys get conversions from their girlfriends there. And so you suddenly look much better and, above all, more elegant. Although there are also criticisms. “You don’t have your own style anymore, do you?”

From a more elegant style and clear skin to a new hairstyle: this seems to be the result of the “girlfriend effect”. A new trend on social media where you suddenly become a real person thanks to your partner Glow up expertise. Consciously or unconsciously. But one thing is certain: your love has suddenly become a real womanizer. Who wouldn’t want a handsome, charming and fashionable man next to her?

Get rid of the fashion faux pas that many men make

Countless couples have already shared videos of the “girlfriend effect,” which have already been viewed nearly 95 million times on the video app TikTok. Australian Creed McKinnon, former participant of the reality show Too Hot Too Handle, also admitted that he has made fewer fashion blunders since he has been in a relationship.

But 21-year-old Gabe Escobar was the first to notice that his style has gradually changed since he got a girlfriend. His video containing a series of before and after photos of his relationship has garnered around 3.5 million likes.

“As a teenager, I never received style advice from the people around me,” Escobar says in a phone interview with NBC News. “TikTok is full of videos with fashion or beauty tips for girls, but much fewer for guys.”

So he’s glad he’s now found someone who cares enough to give him honest feedback and fashion advice. For example, his girlfriend created a Pinterest page with tons of outfit ideas. She also put together the look herself. The result is certainly impressive. While Gabe used to simply wear a jacket and pants, he now wears more shirts and jewelry, and has let his hair grow out.

Not everyone is a fan and here’s why

However, not everyone sees the “girlfriend effect” as a positive thing. Men will lose their individual style and therefore have the same boring, Instagram-worthy look. TikTokker Wildlin Pierrevil’s video says: “These guys look like standard Zara models, where did their personality disappear?”

According to him, not all plastic surgeries are equally successful. “I know skinny jeans may be back in style now, but I still hate them,” he says in his video. “Why do these guys suddenly wear only neutral colors or only all black?”

He also does not believe that some men’s appearances are necessarily harmful to a relationship. “Maybe your husband didn’t dress to your personal taste, but he felt good about it. So why change something that doesn’t actually have anything wrong with it?” Pierreville says.

So he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to try to change someone like that. “Although men may look better and more stylish, they should not become an accessory that adorns women’s social media profiles. There is also a difference between helping someone find a fashion sense and imposing a certain style on them. And certainly at the expense of their individual style.

“I find some girls very mean,” the critic adds. “I saw a video where the boy said, ‘I still love that outfit from back in the day.’ And then you hear your girlfriend respond, ‘Oh, no, I hate that.’ I think that’s a bit exaggerated.”

But that’s not what the trend is about, according to its creator, Gabe Escobar. “So I finally discovered clothes that felt good in me. I didn’t have my own style before, and now, thanks to my girlfriend, I have my own style.”

look. Some examples of the “girlfriend effect”

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