January 29, 2023

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Olivier Renard broke the silence after accusations to Clean Hands: 'No judge or researcher has contacted me yet'

Olivier Renard broke the silence after accusations to Clean Hands: ‘No judge or researcher has contacted me yet’


After months of radio silence, Olivier Renard, 42, has made his voice heard again. The reaction of the former Sports Director of Standard in Sudpresse for the allegations against him in the Clean Hands case. “The only accusations against me come from the media,” claims Renard.

Jonas Withock

In May 2019, Standard and Olivier Renard parted by mutual agreement. The former goalkeeper immediately went to Canada, where he became the coach of the Montreal club. Far from making any allegations, he continued his career.

Dejan Velikovic claimed, with regret, that Olivier Renard, as the sporting director of Standard, raised funds for fictitious expedition missions. In addition, it was said that Renard’s wife received an expensive watch from Velikovich. In total, Renard would have earned about 75,000 euros through the fictitious exploration network Velikovic had set up at that time.


“None of the accusations against me are true,” Renard said in an official statement at the time. “All the payments I received during my career came from the clubs that used my services. These allegations hurt me.”

Edmilson transfer

In February 2020, Olivier Renard, among others, lost his credibility in another case. Sint Truiden and broker Kismet Eris filed a complaint that the transfer of Junior Edmilson to Qatar was forged. Standard chief Bruno Finanzi claimed the Brazilian had left for Qatar for a sum of €2 million, but that amount would have officially amounted to around five million, according to STVV and Eris. Meanwhile, the case remains unresolved after Finnzi called for an additional investigation last summer.

“On February 10, 2020, my name was first mentioned. I was woken up at 3 am when I reported to RTBF that Venanzi had filed a complaint (On phantom exploratory assignments, editor)“, says Renard. Coincidentally, this complaint came at the same time as the other two cases (Edmilson and Henrotay, ed.). Bruno Finanzi was questioned about the Velikovic case, confronted his statement and then got a good idea to attack me.”

“Between February 2020 and today, no judge or investigator has contacted me,” Renard says. The only accusations come from the media. Because of the time difference in Canada, people know the accusations against me before I do because of what is in the press.”


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