November 29, 2023

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Review: Iron Harvest Complete Edition (Consolversie)

Review: Iron Harvest Complete Edition (Consolversie)

The PC, of ​​course, is the realm of real-time strategy games. The combination of mouse and keyboard provides smooth control, which is more complex to achieve with a console. Therefore, bringing RTS to console is always a risk. Microsoft has already proven that it can work quite well. They knew the shooter Hello Somewhat succeeded in switching to RTS with the two halo wars– cutting. appeared last year iron harvesting I’ll try this now too full version from the game.

with the full version In addition to the base game, you will also get all the additional content that has been released and that has appeared since launch. Includes two additional campaigns (Ursonia and Rusviet Revolution) and new skirmish maps have been added. Ursonia’s campaign is about America striving to become a great power by conquering new territories. It is recommended that you complete the Polania campaign before starting this new campaign. In Rusviet Revolution, we see the dark organization Fenris take a new step in their quest for world domination. To avoid spoilers, it is recommended to complete the three original campaigns.

For a more objective look at the story and gameplay of iron harvesting would like to refer you to original review. In this review we will mainly talk about moving the control to the console.

Unfortunately, the controls were not transferred smoothly. It starts with choosing troops. This is done with the shoulder buttons so you can easily switch between your different units. The only problem is that you cannot select multiple forces at the same time. The only option you have is to select all of your units via the right shoulder button. This can of course be compensated for by placing your soldiers in a certain group and downloading the console version of iron harvesting He has this option. It just doesn’t work well. You can only put one soldier in a group (the four directions on the directional board are used for this). If you put a soldier into a group, the next soldier put will remove the first one.

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Troop selection and assembly problems mainly cause frustration in missions where you build a base and therefore also have to eliminate the enemy base. Here you get the chance to have more men under your responsibility than in other missions. For example, if you want to attack the enemy base from multiple locations and also have your own base protected for possible counter attacks, this is a massive task to get it done. There is an inflection available: if you don’t select anything, you can select all the forces currently visible on your screen by pressing the B button (a circle on the PlayStation). It’s definitely not perfect, but something is better than nothing.

There are also technical problems. By pressing the left trigger, you will see a circular menu in which you can issue the necessary commands to the soldier. Consider attacking an enemy or using that soldier’s special ability. At random times, this circle menu does not appear, so you rely on the commands selected under the four action buttons. We see another problem when loading scenes with the necessary snags. Fortunately, once such a movie is loaded, the cut scene runs smoothly.

So we see the necessary issues on a technical level and with the transfer of control to the console. Still, the console version of iron harvesting It largely gets away with it mainly due to the slow nature of many missions. You often don’t have that many men at your disposal and you usually set targets in a linear route from A to B, while taking down a few enemies here and there. So on normal difficulty you can often pick all your men and attack the enemy and you don’t have to be the strategic mastermind. The thriller and sympathy for the difficult circumstances in which our “heroes” find themselves often reason enough to accept these shortcomings.

Console version of iron harvesting It has the necessary flaws and especially the selection and assembly of units should have been better. With an interesting story, characters and additional content that this full version It entails, we can live with these drawbacks.

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The Iron Harvest Complete Edition of this review was launched on Xbox Series X | S and is also available for PlayStation 5.