July 12, 2024

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Showbits.  Annelien Coorevits comes to rest with her children and does Thomas Vanderveken enter politics?  |  showbiz

Showbits. Annelien Coorevits comes to rest with her children and does Thomas Vanderveken enter politics? | showbiz

showbizThe show must go on, because the Showbiz world never stops. Find out what your favorite BV has been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news feed.

It’s a party at De Bolle’s house today. Today is the birthday of this wonderful woman Kristof On Instagram with his mother’s photo. “Support me! Happy mom day, love to see you!”

Beautiful Perez Feeling good about her skin, she’s putting that into the spotlight with this radiant photo.

Thomas Vanderviken He has a personal announcement for his followers: he’s entering politics. “I’ve been asked many times and said ‘no’ many times, but since becoming a father I feel responsible for giving my children the future they deserve, it appears in a video message. The question is whether the famous presenter is really considering a career change. Many followers are convinced that he Deep fake video. The investigation learns that it is indeed a movie for the new season of “Factcheckers”, which will be released on One at the end of this year. So Van der Werken doesn’t really plan to get into politics.

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Anleen Korevitz She went to Center Parks with her children. There I thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings, sun and relaxation. “Lovely park, cottage in the green area and lots of activities for adults and kids. We will definitely come back here,” it sounds excited.

He writes “Sometimes it’s time to party” Katja Retsin With this family photo. Daughter is growing up, husband celebrates his birthday. But above all, we celebrated life, with very nice people we would love to see. Thanks everyone, it was delicious. And worth repeating! “

Frontman’s bazaar Matthew Teren He recently married his girlfriend Mary Winants. They officially agreed to each other at the beginning of this summer, but now they’ve had a big wedding in Portugal. And there was Kevin Janssens – Matteo’s best friend for many years – clearly not to be missed. Obviously, the “brother’s love” between the two remains the same.

employment Nafie Thiam? She lives on the other side of the world surrounded by some cute llamas. “I’m not sure what went through my head… but anyway, greetings from Peru,” Thiam jokes on Instagram.