December 8, 2022

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Stijn Meuris on Arno: "When his last record ended, his life ended too" |  Arno Hintjens, 72, died

Stijn Meuris on Arno: “When his last record ended, his life ended too” | Arno Hintjens, 72, died

BV“He was my favorite artist, performance artist, life artist and also singer,” Nordcap player Stijn Morris said of Arnault, who passed away recently. “Given my age, one of the first groups I saw in action was the TC Matic, which made an overwhelming impression on me. And not just on me, but on my half of my generation.”

“I’ve always followed him,” he continues. “I thought Arno was a character with a capital letter. Someone who did what he wanted to do on stage and was very good at it. A lot of people doubted that and then found a quack which by the way was a song for him, and its title. (laughs) I didn’t think that at all. I thought he was a real artist, a craftsman. Someone who knew very well where he wanted to go. Someone, without exception, who was also surrounded by very good musicians. An absolute icon.”

“His legacy is that a lot of people, especially my generation, people who watched TC Matic live, were influenced by the sharp, angular sound of that group. I thought this was impressive when I was a little kid. In my case, it literally meant I wanted to start with music because of it The first time I saw TC Matic, it was at a gym in Bree. That was the time when the big groups were still playing in gyms. It all seemed a little weird now, but it made a big impression afterwards. And there she was. A really well lubricated machine.It was very tight, played well, very sexy and very danceable, with a man in the front who couldn’t stay unmoved.There were people who didn’t like him, but there were a lot of people who watched his concerts with a big smile.So the His legacy lies in that authenticity. Very Belgian, leaning toward the French. He could really only be from Ostend. It’s the only city that is at the perfect intersection between something British and Belgian and something that speaks French. And then the Flemish West also as a sort of surplus.”

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“He also had energy that I’ve never seen before in Belgian groups,” continues Stijn. “Sometimes they missed this surreal approach. The electric ones that were typical of the TC Matic. The angle that emphasized they made such an impression especially live. When I was 18, I thought: ‘Wow, as long as the roof doesn’t collapse.'” And I meant it positively.”

“I will remember him as the charming and wonderful and intelligent person too. Which sometimes something else might have happened to the outside world. It always pisses me off when people think Arno was some kind of clown. Because he wasn’t at all. But he found a trick to get away with it. He was a man Weird Quotes Quotes no one understood because they were in the Flemish West, but with a twist. A strange way of life. He had a street attitude. He said little, but what he said was serious. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he worked on a new record until before Two weeks. I’m sure he thought, “As long as I can make music with good people I love, I’m still alive.” And the big drama—that is my own interpretation because I have no proof of it—must have been when this was finished The record. Because after that his life also ended.”

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