December 6, 2023

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“The demolition and reconstruction allowance is extended indefinitely”: a 10,000 euro bandage on the wound?  |  September statement

“The demolition and reconstruction allowance is extended indefinitely”: a 10,000 euro bandage on the wound? | September statement

The Flemish demolition and reconstruction allowance will not simply be extended again for another year, but for an indefinite period, as we learned from the September statement. “What?”, we hear you think. But the consolation prize between installments will suddenly become more popular if the reduced 6 percent VAT rate for demolition and reconstruction is not extended for another year. What do you have to do to win this premium?

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“The demolition and reconstruction allowance had already been offered by the Flemish government in 2019,” explains communications manager Geert Flipts from the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency, which handles the applications. “We paid around £1,200 a year at the time, but after the reduced VAT rate for demolition and reconstruction – 6 percent VAT instead of 21 percent outside central cities – was implemented in 2021, this amount has clearly decreased. After all , the two cannot be combined, and a VAT rate of 6% instead of 21% is of course more interesting financially than a premium of 10,000 euros. Now we pay about 400 to 500 a year. It is also a relatively unknown premium.

Until now, the €10,000 premium was only interesting to those who did not meet the conditions for a reduced VAT rate. For example, people who wanted to demolish a building and rebuild it without living in it anymore. But if the federal government does not extend the reduced VAT rate again for another year, the €10,000 will be a welcome bandage on the wound. Although you must meet certain conditions to qualify for this premium. Such as the new building being already a home and must have a maximum E level of 24: An EPB report must be submitted within 5 years. The demolition and reconstruction allowance had been extended by one year at a time – just like the reduced VAT rate until now – but has now been extended “indefinitely”. “Additional conditions will likely be attached to this, but they still need to be reviewed and approved,” says Geert Flipts.

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Only natural persons are entitled to apply for the premium, and the application for demolition and reconstruction must be submitted in a single environmental permit. After approval of the environmental permit, the installment must be paid within three months And he asks. This period begins immediately. The application does not yet require a demolition certificate, but does require an approved environmental permit. The demolition certificate must then be added at a later date. After adding the demolition certificate and completing the application, you can expect to pay €10,000 within three months.

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