December 6, 2023

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The end of the chip era: Aldi cancels popular brand Pirato |  Instagram HLN

The end of the chip era: Aldi cancels popular brand Pirato | Instagram HLN

From next year, German supermarket chain Aldi will phase out its popular Pirato chips. “For good reason,” the chain says. What exactly is this reason? And what happens to home brand chips?

Private label Pirato chips advertise on their packaging that they will stop using the well-known brand name. “My friend, after years of sailing, I’m stranded on a paradise island. Here I enjoy my retirement in the shining sun. That’s why your favorite ‘Pirato’ snacks will soon be called ‘Sun Snacks’. Goodbye!”, you can read on the packaging Chips.

Fans don’t have to panic too much just yet: the private label chipset will continue to exist, just under a different name. They will soon be on store shelves under the name “Sun Snacks”. “We are rethinking our brands internationally,” says company spokesman Dieter Snook.

“The goal, among other things, is to make it easier for the customer and reduce production costs. Soon all the different salty snacks will be collected under the name “Sun Snacks”. This includes not only potato chips, but also other salty branded snacks such as Salty sticks and accompanying dip. This way, the customer immediately knows that “Sun Snacks” are the salty snacks they are looking for. When you walk into Aldi, everyone can easily find their favorite snacks at a glance.

Moreover, this collection under one name makes the production price even more interesting. “And that’s good for the customer,” Snook says. “By having fewer different brand names, we can consolidate the core production further, which also reduces costs. As a discount, it is not monotonous to the final price.

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