December 6, 2023

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The electric car premium can also be applied to cars that have already been purchased  local

The electric car premium can also be applied to cars that have already been purchased local

The premium for electric cars announced by the Flemish government will apply to cars registered from 1 January 2024. This means that cars purchased in August or September, for example, but not yet delivered, will only be registered in 2024. Eligible in terms of Principle.

This is clear from Transport Minister Lydia Peters’ answer to Green MP Stijn Beeks’ question. According to the Minister of Open Vld, the intention is that everyone who applies for a bonus and meets the conditions will receive it. Bex has crucial reservations about this.

Much has been said and written in recent weeks about the premium announced by the Flemish government for the purchase of new and used zero-emission cars. The maximum price is already 40,000 euros including VAT. According to the minister, this ceiling avoids the “Matthew effect.” For 2024, 20 million euros will be allocated, with a premium of 5,000 euros for new cars and 3,000 euros for used cars. The premium will be progressive and will decrease in 2025 and 2026 by €1,000 per year for new cars and €500 for used cars.

In the Mobility Committee, Green MP Stijn Bex asked about the exact modalities of the premium. For example, will the work be done according to the principle? ‘first come first served’? Is part of the support amount allocated for shared mobility?

Minister Peters has not yet been able to provide many details about the exact plan, because the draft support decision is still before the Financial Inspection Authority. “I hope to be able to include it on the government’s agenda at the end of October,” the minister said.

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According to the minister, there are no barriers between individuals, non-profit organizations and shared mobility providers “to avoid underutilisation”.

Green criticizes ambiguity

Moreover, according to the minister, “the intention is that everyone who submits an application and meets the conditions will receive a bonus.” According to the minister, the planned budget of 20 million euros is based on “calculating the potential number of applications,” but will be monitored on an ongoing basis. “If an adjustment is necessary, we will adapt. But this can be done in different ways. You can provide additional resources, but you can also reduce the premium.

Green MP Bex criticizes the minister’s style. He criticizes, among other things, lack of clarity and uncertainty. “You’re actually saying to people who want to buy an electric car: ‘You can apply for a premium, but it’s possible that the premium will be much lower at the end of 2024,'” Bex says.

Green MP Stijn Bex criticizes Minister Lydia Peters’ approach. © Belga