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The ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’, the Culinary Capital of Italy or the Cradle of Fado: Three Travel Hotspots in Europe |  MyGuide

The ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’, the Culinary Capital of Italy or the Cradle of Fado: Three Travel Hotspots in Europe | MyGuide

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Mallorca: “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”

to see: Mallorca is known primarily for its many paradise beaches and seas in the purest shades of blue – from azure to turquoise – along with its excellent nightlife. But there’s also plenty to experience and see beachside on the largest island in Spain’s Balearic Islands.

Starting from the capital, Palma de Mallorca. Even if you decide not to rent a car during your short trip and stay nearby, you definitely won’t get bored. Palma hides a whole gamut of cozy squares, tranquil gardens, great museums, and historical gems. For example, the second highest Gothic cathedral in the world towers over it, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Less than three kilometers away you can admire the round 14th century Bellver Castle. The oldest local church and monastery were built a century ago, and the Moroccan bath dates back to the 11th or 12th century.

a job: A tourist obligation that you cannot ignore in Mallorca and which you will gladly undertake is a boat trip. You make many excursions from the city. Whether you choose to spot dolphins, go snorkeling, visit the Cuevas del Drach Caves with its large underground lagoon, or explore the beautiful coves, whether on deejay tunes or not: small or large flow on the water should not miss your trip.

To eat: The “pearl of the Mediterranean” also has rich culinary traditions. You can spot them in many restaurants or at the San Juan Fresh Market, where you can enjoy a large selection of pintxos (tapas). The local vegetable dish is definitely worth trying and for meat eaters there is the traditional sobrasada, which is a spicy spiced sausage. Those looking for a bit more of a challenge can try the Mallorca fret. You don’t have to count on a portion of french fries, but you do have to count on a plate of tomatoes, onions, potatoes and organ meats.

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Palma’s magnificent Gothic cathedral “La Seu” can call itself the second highest cathedral in the world. © ThinkStock

Bologna: a city with many (faces)

a job: Bologna is an amazing destination between Milan and Florence, which many travelers unjustly ignore. That’s why you can enjoy more authentic Italian culture. One of the city’s nicknames is La Rossa, or “the Red,” because of the red roofs and brick houses in the well-preserved historic center. Surely you must have seen it. A good way to do this is to climb the 500 steps of the Asinelli Tower, after which you can enjoy a great view of the city.

Next to this standard is the somewhat smaller Garisenda tower, collectively known as “le due torri”. Bologna can also compete with Pisa, because both towers are slightly crooked. If you want to speed things up, it’s a good idea to rent a Vespa and explore the city and surrounding hills with the wind in your hair.

to see: Another nickname for Bologna is La Dutta or “The Scholar”. During the Renaissance, the Italian city was the center of knowledge and its famous university is living proof of that. In the main building you will visit the impressive Teatro Anatomico, where scientists in the 17th century dissected the human body and thus laid the foundations of modern medicine.

Museums still house many ancient treasures, but modern art also has a place there. Bologna is a reference in the field of street art, and while walking you will discover many murals that illuminate the street scene.

To eat: But in particular, foodies have hit the right spot in Italy’s culinary capital. The city of Bologna owes its ultimate nickname to this nickname: La Grassa, or “the fat one”. The signature dish is ragù, known to us as spaghetti bolognaise, which usually ends up on your plate with tagliatelle in Bologna. Bologna’s diets are irreconcilable, and the temptation of delicious, full-bodied Italian cuisine awaits you everywhere. Mortadella sausage and crêpes amarena, among others, also originated in the city.

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One of the nicknames of Bologna is
One of Bologna’s nicknames is “La Rossa”, due to the red roof tiles of its (which are often red) houses. © Getty Images

Lisbon: Fado and seafood

to see: Another city that you will fall in love with is the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Hop on tram line 28 to enjoy a whole part of the Old Town in a special way. This restored pre-war tram promises you one of the best public transport moments ever. It takes you through the historic districts of Gerasa, Alfama and Baixa, without having your feet aching in the steep cobbled streets. Lisbon is built on seven hills. That’s why you sometimes need iron calves (or trams), but as a bonus, you’re often treated to beautiful views.

a job: Who says Portugal, says Fado, hence a visit to Fado House is a must-do during your stay in Lisbon. The art of passionate singing originated in the disadvantaged taverns of Alfama in the 19th century and from there it conquered the rest of the world. In good tradition, you allow yourself to be touched by deep human music with a light meal and a drink.

Besides fado houses, Lisbon also has a vibrant nightlife. In the busy streets of Bairro Alto, there is always an atmosphere, and for those who really want to drink, you can tune in to the “Pink Street” (Rua Nova do Carvalho) or one of the exclusive nightclubs.

To eat: Lisbon is actually a true dream destination for the food alone. Be sure to try the many fish dishes such as bacalhau à bras (dried and salted cod), lulas recheadas a lisbonense (stuffed squid rolls) and sardines, for which the city and region are famous. And finish with a pastel de nata (a type of creme brulee) and a glass of ginja (cherry liqueur).

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Tram line number 28 is one of the mascots of Lisbon.
Tram line number 28 is one of the mascots of Lisbon. © Getty Images

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