August 10, 2022

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The Prosecutor of Marseille in Bahrain is victorious: “Look also in Belgium” |  a trip

The Prosecutor of Marseille in Bahrain is victorious: “Look also in Belgium” | a trip

At dawn today, Danish investigators, on behalf of their French colleagues, knocked on the door of the Bahrain Knights Victorious Hotel in Copenhagen.

The target team released a statement, but did not want to comment on the topic afterwards. For example, the mandatory press conference was suddenly closed.

According to Danish media, the inspectors’ visit could have yielded results, although Bahrain denied Victorious this morning.

There is no definitive answer on this topic, but the Marseille Prosecutor’s Office made an official announcement this evening.

That authority actually knocked on Bahrain Victorious’s door during last year’s tour, and while it’s been quiet since then, the issue came to light again this week.

Searches were conducted in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Denmark between 27 and 30 June. Bahrain Victorious had already announced this on Monday, without specifying the locations.

Electronic equipment (phones, computers, hard drives) as well as medicines of unknown source or prescription were seized.

The Public Prosecutor of Marseille added that the investigators visited the team manager, 3 passengers, an orthodontist and a team doctor.

It certainly concerns Milan Erzen, the team’s Slovenian sponsor, Polish physician Piotr Koselski and French physiotherapist Barnaby Mullen.

Arzen is not an impeccable character. It has also been linked to the Aderlass process, a major doping scandal.

With Dylan Teuns, a link was soon made with the Belgian search, although this was not clear from the relevant authorities either. The Teuns won a stage on the Tour last year, and this year was victorious at Waalse Pijl.

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Bahrain Victorious’s achievements have been remarkable for some time. 2021 was a real agricultural year in particular with theatrical wins on the tour (Matej Mohoric 2x and Tunes), second place by Damiano Caruso in the Giro, daily successes of Marc Paddon at Dauphini and great performances by Sonny Colbrelli (EC and Paris Rubix).