October 4, 2023

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The US is concerned about the health of Niger’s President Bassum, who is running out of food

The US is concerned about the health of Niger’s President Bassum, who is running out of food

The United States is concerned about the health and safety of ousted Niger President Mohammed Bassum. A spokesperson for the US State Department said this on Wednesday, according to international news agencies. Bazoum’s anonymous adviser told the AP news agency that food is slowly running out and that Bazoum and his family are currently living on rice and canned food.

Basoom is still confined to his palace two weeks after the military coup. According to his own party, the PNDS, the conditions in which he is being held are “atrocious” and “inhumane” and lack electricity or running water. Despite this, Bazoum remains healthy.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is with Bassum on Tuesday was invited. The topic of conversation was Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s failed attempt to meet with Bassum on Monday. AFP news agency reported that a ministry spokeswoman said concerns over Bassum’s health could be a factor in Nuland’s desire to visit the jailed president.


The military junta that replaced Bazoum closed the airspace on Sunday evening. On Wednesday, the military junta accused France of flying over Niger without permission. France Agrees It flew over Niger, but said it had written permission to do so. A Letter An outpouring on Twitter backs up that story. The plane is said to be repatriating soldiers from Niger to Chad. France calls it ‘another attempt to divert attention’.

Meanwhile, the European Union has begun preparations for sanctions against the new Nigerian rulers, sources told Reuters news agency. African partnership ECOWAS has already imposed sanctions and will consider further action on Thursday.

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