September 21, 2023

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These 102 flights have already been cancelled

These 102 flights have already been cancelled

Ryanair pilots based in Belgium will go on strike on Saturday and Sunday. They complain that Ryanair wants to unilaterally terminate the employment contract over working and rest times. The pilots also want to undo a 20 percent pay cut due to the Corona crisis. Wednesday’s meeting between management and unions did not produce results.

According to trade unionist Didier Lippi of the Christian union CNE, more than 80 percent of the pilots stationed in Charleroi are taking part in the strike. The inconvenience will be less, because part of the flights to and from Hino Airport will be carried out by planes and crews stationed abroad.

“All affected passengers have been notified and given information about options to fly another day or get a full refund,” Ryanair writes. Find out in the table below if your flight is among those canceled this weekend.

And in Zaventem?

This strike has no effect on Brussels Airport in Zaventem. Ryanair does not fly to that airport, but only with planes and crews based overseas. So these flights will depart and arrive as planned.

However, disruption is likely at Zaventem on Saturday due to a strike by the ground staff of airports in Italy. There are also procedures for Air Malta pilots, Vueling employees and air traffic controllers to perform.

Italian airline ITA will cancel 133 domestic and international flights on Saturday, including one flight from Brussels to Milan and back, and one flight from Rome to Brussels and back. According to the Brussels Airport website, Brussels Airlines will also cancel a total of ten flights to and from Florence, Venice, Naples, Milan and Catania.

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