July 20, 2024

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These are the victims of stabbing in Canada: six family members and an elderly widow

These are the victims of stabbing in Canada: six family members and an elderly widow

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Three days after the massacre in Saskatchewan, Canada, the police released the names of the 10 dead. Three wounded are still fighting for their lives. Meanwhile, the hunt for one of the two suspects, Miles Sanderson, continues.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the victims, men and women aged between 23 and 78, fell in two locations. Nine were stabbed at James Smith Cree Nation, a Northeast Saskatoon reservation, and a man died in the nearby village of Weldon. It’s about 78-year-old Wesley Peterson, an elderly widower who is said to have never hurt a fly. It is not clear why he died. The perpetrators may have targeted his grandson, who was living with him.

At the James Smith Cree Nation, six members of a family were killed. Carol Burns (46), Gregory Burns (28), Thomas Burns (23), Lydia Gloria Burns (61), Bonnie Burns (48) and Earl Burns (66).

Brian Burns, Bonnie’s husband and Greg’s father, says his 13-year-old son witnessed both murders. He was also assaulted and had a knife in his neck. The teen was expected to leave hospital on Monday.

Gloria Burns (61) was a social worker. He was sent to be stabbed but was stabbed to death himself.

In addition, Christian Head (54) and Robert Sanderson (49) were also killed. The latter is a relative of the suspects. Earl Burns, a veteran, was Christian Head’s friend.

The stabbing also injured 18 people. Three victims remain in critical condition.

The police assert that these are random victims and people who deliberately chose the perpetrators.

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Police continue to search for 32-year-old Miles Sanderson, who is wanted on charges of murder, attempted murder and burglary. His brother Damien has since been found dead.

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